Galicia is renowned for its Celtic heritage, delicious foods, festivals, its pilgrimage, striking scenery and beaches… and don’t forget our stunning range of holiday villas too! However, I bet you didn’t know that between September to February, Galicia is a surfer’s dreamland, Brah! So we decided to write up this handy Galicia Surf Guide to give you an idea of the top beaches to head to if you want to rip up some waves.

Let’s get the nitty-gritty out of the way quickly – the waters aren’t cold, but that’s not to say they’re warm either! Between October and December, you can expect water temperatures to be between 14-18 degrees. However, you’ll experience a 180-degree swell window where you’ll be surrounded by extraordinary scenery. We recommend renting a 4/3 mm, or 5/4/3 mm suit. Boots, gloves and a hood could be good optional extras, but our experts can help you with this.

This portion of the Iberian Peninsula has an impressive green and lush coastline that is teeming with secret bays, wild beaches and conspicuous peninsulas. This amalgamation of topographic splendours, which has been shaped by the unrelenting North Atlantic Ocean, is a well-known secret amongst the surfing community. Afterall, Galicia is home to the ‘Beach of the Cathedrals’ (Praia das Catedrais)!

So whether you’re an inexperienced surfer just looking to get to grips with the flat for the first time, or a seasoned pro who just wants to carve up the surf, we have assembled a guide on some of the best beaches, some buried treasures and some local friends who can assist you and your family on your Galicia surf adventure. Cowabunga!

The ‘Usual Suspects’

Playa de la Lanzada, Pontevedra

Beach/Surf Break: Beach and Reef
Wind Direction: Northeast
Oliver’s Level Recommendation: Beginner

Best features:

  • This beach experiences high levels of surfers due to its proximity to the town of Sanxenxo.
  • With an exposed beach and reef break, the surf is not disturbed by the tide.
  • Dolphins can usually be spotted swimming alongside surfers.

Playa de la Lanzada

Praia de Razo, A Coruña

Beach/Surf Break: Beach
Wind Direction: South
Oliver’s Level Recommendation: Beginner

Best features:

  • With a shoreline of over six kilometres, Praia de Razo is certainly a spectacle.
  • Due to its size, it rarely suffers from overcrowding.
  • There are a host of fine restaurants close to the beach, which are perfect for a quick lunch before hitting the waves again.

surf board

Praia de Pantín, A Coruña

Beach/Surf Break: Beach
Wind Direction: Southeast
Oliver’s Level Recommendation: Intermediate

Best features:

  • The Pantin Classic Pro international surf competition is held at the major Galician beach.
  • There are crystal clear waters, so at points you may forget you’re shredding!
  • Due to its popularity, there are fantastic facilities at the beach.

Praia de Pantín

The ‘Gems’

Playa de Doniños, A Coruña

Beach/Surf Break: Beach
Wind Direction: Northeast
Oliver’s Level Recommendation: Intermediate

Best features:

  • It’s not uncommon to experience 11-foot waves at Playa de Doniños.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy the Dawn Patrol, as there’s likely to be other surfers relishing the sunrise and there are good transport routes to this beach.
  • Consistent swell.

Playa de Doniños

Playa de Carnota – Costa Da Morte (A.K.A ‘The Coast of Death’), A Coruna

Beach/Surf Break: Beach
Wind Direction: Northeast
Oliver’s Level Recommendation: Expert (Gnarly)

Best features:

  • The Cabo Fisterra peninsula is isolated and unspoilt.
  • Roaring and ferocious swells.

Costa Da Morte Galicia Surf

Our Surfing Experts

We have a few friends in Galicia, who live to surf! Leopoldo and Rodrigo have been mastering the Galician coastline for years and love to welcome any level of surfer to their schools –
Prado Surf and Tartaruga Surf & Dive Center.
+34 607 083 551..

Map of the top Galicia surf spots

The ‘Perfect 10’ villas in Galicia


Why is a surf holiday in Galicia the perfect family getaway?

Spain has a great reputation for its surfing, but we consider Galicia to be a truly underestimated destination between the months of September to February. Aside from being incredibly accommodating for beginner surfers, Galicia is spoilt because of its inland architecture, forestry, rich culture and formidable cuisine. Many of the popular Galicia surf beaches have very good facilities and many local surf shop operating around them; the surfing conditions tend to be forgiving, but reliable, and irrespective of the swell size there’s always a good break – thus providing those iconic waves. All this, along with the great deals you will find across our villa range, make it an unusual and special holiday experience.


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