Our villas in Southern France are utterly tantalising – so whatever your style, we’ve got somewhere that’s going to pop your cork! From lavish chateaux in Languedoc, homely cottages in the Dordogne to stylish villas in the heart of the Riviera and every other region in between, you’re sure to find the perfect holiday home. And if you’re looking for somewhere that really pushes the boat out? Well, we’ve gone through all our holiday homes and pulled out ten that really shine – which one’s your favourite?

1. Domaine de Favaze, Languedoc

Domaine De Favaze - Languedoc - Oliver's Travels

Domaine De Favaze – Languedoc – Oliver’s Travels

This is a villa with true pedigree! With parts dating back to the 14th Century, Domaine de Favaze creates a heady mix of ancient and modern that’s perfect whether you’re holidaying with friends, family or whoever else you please, and the water in the taps comes from a natural local spring – how’s that for refreshing?

Sleeps: 14

Price from: £50pppn

2. Chateau De La Victorie, Cote d’Azur

Chateau De La Victoire - French Riviera - Oliver's Travels

Chateau De La Victoire – French Riviera – Oliver’s Travels

Chateau De La Victoire is fit for royalty (seriously, HRH Queen Elizabeth stayed here!). Not only is the interior incredibly ornate, grand and finished to perfection, so is its history. Fit for Queens and celebrities alike, the famous rapper, Nelly, filmed his music video for Millionaire here. You can’t get more quirky than this gorgeous palace!

Sleeps: 14

Price from: £204pppn

3. Castelnau De Fezensac, Midi-Pyrénées

Castelnau De Fezensac - Midi-Pyrénées - Oliver's Travels

Castelnau De Fezensac – Midi-Pyrénées – Oliver’s Travels

This property is uniquely quirky – it’s less a French chateau, and more your very own private French village! Sleeping an impressive 80 guests (so it makes a great wedding venue) this might be a pricey venue but fill it up and you’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you and your friends will be talking about for years to come.

Sleeps: 80

Price from: £76pppn

4. Chateau Chamborigaud, Languedoc

Chateau Chamborigaud - Languedoc - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Chamborigaud – Languedoc – Oliver’s Travels

This classic chateau is instantly striking thanks to its fairytale towers, which are sure to delight visitors of any ages who have a little bit of romance in their hearts. It’s not too bad for the adventurous sort either – watersports and skiing are both under thirty minutes away by car.

Sleeps: 18

Price from:  £63pppn

5. Maison De Hautefage, Dordogne

Maison De Hautefage - Dordogne - Oliver's Travels chateaux in Southern France

Maison De Hautefage – Dordogne – Oliver’s Travels

With two unforgettably picturesque medieval French villages close by, Maison de Hautefage champions rustic simplicity but doesn’t skimp on the mod cons thanks to the swimming pool and the well-appointed kitchen. It’s perfect if you’re aiming to get away from all the hustle and bustle thanks to its location and comfortable feel, and there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained thanks to local markets, fairs and other things to do.

Sleeps: 8

Price from: £76pppn

6. Clos De Chinon, Aquitaine

Clos De Chinon - Aquitaine - Oliver's Travels

Clos De Chinon – Aquitaine – Oliver’s Travels

A great venue if you’re a bit of a foodie thanks to the numerous prestigious vineyards within easy reach, Clos de Chinon’s timeless elegance is somewhere you’ll want to come back to again and again. The grounds are also beautiful (and boast a whole load of fruit trees which can be picked in season) and while you’re not chilling out there, you can get a true taste of authentic France in world-famous Saint-Émilion, which is found close by.

Sleeps: 8

Price from: £43pppn

7. Mas Des Loones, Provence-Alpes

Mas Des Loones - Provence-Alpes - Oliver's Travels

Mas Des Loones – Provence-Alpes – Oliver’s Travels

If you fancy a bit of seclusion while you relax, Mas des Loones could be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s full of colour (so design fans will be well served) and offers guests some much-desired privacy thanks to its location just outside the beautiful village of Saint Rémy de Provence.

Sleeps: 12

Price from: £67pppn

8. Maison Sebastien, Provence-Alpes

Maison Sebastian - Provence-Alpes - Oliver's Travels

Maison Sebastien – Provence-Alpes – Oliver’s Travels

Quirky fact: this beautiful hilltop chateau was once a 14th-century lookout tower, so you can only imagine the ever-impressive views you’ll get from the roof of this holiday home. View aside, this chateau has also been lovingly restored, so guests can make the most of the rustic, yet contemporary decor that makes this an inviting place for all. From the wood-burning stove to the pool overlooking the lush green valleys, or the cosy cinema room, Maison Sebastien is a true holiday haven.

Sleeps: 11-13

Prices from: £42pppn

9. Villa RomaneProvence-Alpes

Villa Romane - Provence-Alpes - Oliver's Travels

Villa Romane – Provence Alpes – Oliver’s Travels

This stone-built holiday home in Provence will command your every attention. Opulent yet splendid, Villa Romane has every amenity you’ll ever need; three large reception rooms, bedrooms to boot and a fully fitted kitchen are among some of the highlights. But the poolside terrace is the star of the show, and coupled with the picturesque views which can only be described as paradise!

Sleeps: 15

Prices from: £17pppn

10.Chateau Ste Genevieve, Rhone-Alpes

Chateau Ste Genevieve - Rhone-Alpes - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Ste Genevieve – Rhone-Alpes – Oliver’s Travels

Originally built by French monks as a priory in the 11th century and chateau in 1828, Chateau Ste Genevieve is full of history! Now one of Europe’s oldest renovated chateaus a stay at this property is sure to leave a lasting impression. The owners have updated the chateau with modern charm for your comfort while maintaining historical and architectural integrity. What’s more, this spacious property is available year round and ideal for families traveling together or group conventions.

Sleeps: 20

Prices from: £83pppn

This is just a shortlist of our favourite quirky properties in the South of France, we’ve got plenty more to offer! Find your perfect holiday rental across Europe and the Caribbean! For any inquiries or questions, please contact our concierge team.

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