We’ve found a unique way to give you a new perspective on our luxury villas and chateaux!

Welcome to the Drone Zone! (rejected names: The Drone Ranger, Game of Drones, Droning On). If you’ve made an internet wrong turn and were looking for the similarly-named Kenny Loggins song, try here.

Aaaand we’re back on topic. We like our gadgets at Oliver’s Travels, so recently we picked up an aerial drone and (after causing no amount of headaches, both figurative and literal, for the Health and Safety bods by taking it on a trial run in the office) sent it out to France to start filming some of our properties from brand new heights.

You’ll find the results below, and we’ll be adding more as time goes on. Fun as it is to get a bit of techno-wizardry into the equation, what we really want is to give our customers (that’s you) another view of the property, so you really know what you’re getting before you set off. We hope you like what you see, and please let us know what you think in the comments box at the bottom of the article!

To find out more about the properties in the videos, simply click on the title to be taken to their dedicated page.

Villa Volante

Chateau Alvere

Chateau Du Captaine

Villa Le Priotlet

Villa Shambhala


Chateau Fleur

Chateau De Viresco

Chateau De Theleme


Chateau De La Guerinche

Chateau Le Duc

Chateau De La Cheine

Chateau Emirol

Chateau Le Brun

Chateau Chamborigaud

Chateau Seiguier


Little Oak Hall

Thornbury Barn


 Manoir Clement


Chateau Normand

Manoir De Levesque


Mas Mayeaux

Chateau Vaucluse


Waterside House

Chateau Du Campe

Villa Amalie


Villa Santini

 Chateau du Moulin

Villa Bidart

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