OK, so the kids might not be old enough to really appreciate (or even legally drink) a glass of Champagne’s most celebrated product, but that doesn’t mean the region is off limits when it comes to a family holiday – quite the opposite, in fact! There’s loads of stuff to enjoy that’ll make Champagne the ideal place for a family holiday, not least because of the great amenities and extras at our luxury villas in Champagne make travelling with kids of any age a breeze. And to make sure nobody gets bored, we’ve put together a list of some of best kids activities in Champagne – where will you start?

1. Ride rollercoasters at Nigloland

Why go: With almost 40 attractions to choose from, you’ll certainly get a full day of entertainment from this theme park. Among the many rides on offer are more traditional coasters such as Alpine Blitz and Mine Train, which careen around corners at high speeds – they should satiate the thrill-seekers. Then there are gentler delights, such as the King of Mississippi, a traditional steam boat that chugs around a lake, and the Enchanted River, where you drift in a gilded carriage through attractive gardens. Kids will love the impressive animatronics features of the Dinosaur Adventure and the African Cruise. As with many theme parks, there are also a host of shows and several places to eat, so you never need to leave Nigloland during a day out.

Location: 40 Rue de la Vallée du Landion 10200 Dolancourt France

Book: Online at Nigloland

Nigloland - Champagne

Nigloland – Champagne

2. Climb trees and battle your friends at Couleurs Adventure Park

Why go:  Couleurs Adventure Park offers two different ways to get your fix of thrills – kids will jump at the chance to join in with both. Their high ropes course involves crossing rope bridges and riding zip lines between the trees of the Argonne Forest; don’t look down as you step onto its swinging log and precarious passes. There are different course types to suit various age groups, so the whole family can get involved. For older kids aged eight and up, there is also paintballing. They can have a go at harmless warfare, ducking into ditches and sniping the enemy. There’s even a child-friendly course and extra padding for the younger soldiers. Both activities encourage team-building and make for a memorable family outing.

Location: Route Départementale 3, 51800 Sainte-Menehould, France

Book: Call 03 26 92 05 10 or online Couleurs Adventure Park.

L'Allée des Couleurs

L’Allée des Couleurs

3. Visit a family-friendly vineyard at Champagne Mercier

Why go: If you want a vineyard experience that won’t bore the children to tears, head to Champagne Mercier. Tours here include a ride on a small train, which chugs through the 18-kilometre-long stone cellars of the estate. It’s a spectacular sight that will enrapture little ones. Before you board the train, you’ll watch a video about the company and take a lift down to the underground. Look out for the giant wine cask, which is decorated with an ornately carved barrel end. The constantly engaging presentation of the story of wine makes this one of the best family trips on the Champagne routes.

Location: Champagne Mercier 78, avenue de Champagne 51200 Epernay

Book: Online Champagne Mercier

Champagne Mercier

Champagne Mercier

4. Try water sports at Lac du Der Fun Centre

Why go: With easy access and still waters, Lac du Der is an ideal place for your little one’s first experience with sailing or canoeing. The Fun Centre offers several different types of water sports, and includes both equipment hire and, should you want them, private lessons. The more sedate options for water-based fun are kayaking and paddle-boarding, or you can up the speed and exhilaration and try windsurfing and catamaran sailing. Children will relish the thrill of developing a new skill over the course of an afternoon.

Location: Maison du Lac, Station nautique, 51290 Giffaumont-Champaubert, France

Book: Call 06 59 30 86 97 or email contactfuncenter@gmail.com

Lac du Der Fun Centre - Champagne

Lac du Der Fun Centre – Champagne

5. Let youngsters run wild at Royal Kids

Why go: The soft play area of this indoor adventure centre gives adults the chance to sit back and unwind as their kids run riot. The advantage of Royal Kids is the whopping variety of their playground; children can choose between ball pools, rope bridges, slides and giant building blocks, while the surrounding netting ensures their safety while they play. A disco room and mini sports fields add extra distractions into the mix, in case any of your little scallywags start showing signs of boredom. Best of all, the play area is entirely indoors, so when the rain prevents your family from having fun in the forests of Champagne, you can find a child-friendly refuge here.

Location: 93 Rue de Verdun, 62100 Calais, France

Book: No Need to Book Just Show up!

6. Fall through the air at Terraltitude Adventure Park

Why go: Your kids can get their kicks at this exciting adventure park, which feeds the adrenaline addiction of young and old daredevils. Kids age ten and over can try a bungee jump, while there are a range of other thrilling experiences suited to those still in single digits. There’s the FantastiCable, a kilometre-long zip line which has participants hanging in a harness, facing forwards as they plunge over a river at speeds of 130 kilometres per hour – another essential experience. You can also jump without wires onto a crash mat or complete one of the age-appropriate high ropes courses. Although the thrills here might seem dangerous, the expert teams and secure harnesses mean that children are as safe as can be despite the heart-pounding nature of these activities.

Location: Rue J Baptiste Clément, 08170 Fumay, France

Book: Call +33 (0) 3 24 57 57 59

7.  Inspect vintage cars of Musée Automobiles Reims Champagne

Why go: From the moment they first get their little mitts on those ubiquitous pullback toy cars, children seem to develop an attachment to vehicles. If your little one has a soft spot for cars, the Reims Automobile Museum will be their idea of heaven. Over 200 lovingly preserved models from throughout the 20th century make up this collection, which also includes a selection of curious pedal cars. Another popular exhibit includes around 5,000 different models of miniature cars from different eras. The atmosphere of the museum is enhanced by details such as period advertising on the walls and the occasional costumed employee. There are so many old, quirky and beautiful motors to see that kids will have a hard time choosing their favourite model.

Location: 84 Avenue Georges Clemenceau, 51100 Reims, France

Book: Call +33 3 26 82 83 84

Musée Automobiles Reims

Musée Automobiles Reims

Inspired yet? If you think Champagne looks like the perfect place for you and the kids to go on holiday, why not talk to our concierge service? They can find you a great place to stay no matter how old the kids are (or how many you’re taking!) – just let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll do the legwork for you. Need a bit more inspiration? Our blog is full of great pieces to get you looking forward to your next break, so why not scroll through more kid activities or read  of our authentic guide to local Champagne!

Looking for a full list of villas to rent this year? Check out our villa holidays page here.

The best kid activities in Champagne

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