Fancy a new perspective on our luxury villas and chateaux?

We love a bit of gadgetry at Oliver’s Travels, so recently we picked up an aerial drone along with a state-of-the-art GoPro camera. After we’d figured out how to fly the thing without endangering life and limb, we sent it out across France to get a high altitude lowdown on some of our properties from brand new heights.

To find out more about the properties in the videos, simply click on the title to be taken to their dedicated page!

Chateau Emirol

Villa Bidart

Chateau Du Moulin

Villa Le Priotlet

Villa Shambhala

Chateau Fleur


Chateau De Theleme

Chateau De La Guerinche

Chateau Le Duc

Chateau De La Cheine

Chateau Emirol

Chateau Le Brun

Chateau Chamborigaud

Chateau Seiguier

 Manoir Clement


Chateau Normand

Manoir De Levesque

Mas Mayeaux


Chateau Du Campe


Villa Amalie


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