Our lovely photographer Laeti has just got back from Wales! We’ve been following her Insta Stories like a hawk but now it’s time for a real catch up. We’ve snagged 10 minutes of her time to find out everything about her trip. So without further ado, read on for her top tips on the area, her best foodie recommendations and much more. Enjoy!

Tell us where you’ve been…

Wacky, wild Wales! I went with my friend and colleague Kyra and we had a hoot! We took the train from London to Bristol, drove all the way up through Wales and finished our trip in Chester.

What was the highlight of your trip?

Easy, the little lambs. They were honestly everywhere and they were oh so friendly. They jump higher than you first imagine and when they run you can even see them smiling – it gives me the warm fuzzies even thinking about it.

We wanted to kidnap them and bring them back home but we thought it might be difficult to get them on a train unnoticed.

The little lambs

Any stand-out traditions or cultural observations made in the area you stayed in?

Maybe this is because we didn’t stop in enough restaurants but I was expecting them to be eating lamb all the time. It might be common in Welsh cuisine but I’ll let you know properly on our next trip!

What and where was your best foodie moment?

Our best foodie moment was actually in our adopted Welsh city, Bristol. This is the only real stop we managed to make as we only had two full days in Wales. Luckily, the driving wasn’t too long in between properties so we managed to visit even more.

Anyway! We stopped in Poco Tapas Bar and had a hefty selection of tapas, as you do. The one dish that stood out was the carrots. It was a very simple dish. However, serving only one ingredient can be dangerous – but as I’m sure you can guess, it was a success. 

Poco Tapas Bar, Bristol

The second stop was for tea and Welsh cakes. We needed a burst of energy so we stopped at a little coffee shop in a pretty village of Crickhowell. Kyra had told me how good these little Welsh cakes were and all I wanted was to try one. Kyra had also explained that these little cakes taste even better with some butter and jam but the lady in the shop gave us our welsh cakes with a knife – nothing else, which really confused us. We still had them as they were and they were yummy – they were so good we bought some more for the drive, just in case we got a little peckish.

If you’ve been following our adventures for a while, you’ll know that we always order a pizza. We were exhausted, everything was closed, except a little pizzeria just opposite our hotel. After throwing our luggage on the floor, we ran to grab a pizza and polished it off in the room while we watched some TV. How sexy I hear you say? Well, it wasn’t, but it felt good. 

Favourite property that you saw, and why?

It would have to be Brecon Villa. The villa is beautiful inside and out – it feels very homely and comfortable. The owner had left some brownies on the kitchen table for us to take pictures and told us to have a bit too – who are we to refuse! There is also a little trailer at the back of the garden, which is perfect for a couple wanting to get closer to nature. It has everything you need but it is also both beautiful and cute. And there is even a little area to make a fire and have a marshmallow dinner with a side of hot chocolate.

For anyone travelling to Wales, what can’t they miss?

I think like anywhere in the UK, this one needs to be a road trip. Wales is quite hilly and it deserves for you to drive around and see the different landscapes the country has to offer. Stop in all the villages, speak to the locals, try their accents, visit a sheep farm/field but beware of sheep poo, it is everywhere!

Lastly, describe the region in 5 words…

Pretty, fun, lambs, yummy and cosy 


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