Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’ve decided on Italy for the summer. There’s just one little niggle, you’re torn between two villas. They both meet your requirements or budget, aesthetically they’re not too dissimilar and they’re relatively close to the regional attractions and nearby towns and villages. It’s a prickly predicament to be in, but what would you do if one out of your two holiday villas had an overspill of 5* reviews to match? Chances are, you’d need no more convincing. Quite rightly so.

It’s resoundingly clear that holiday reviews are important, we would go as far as to say that they add another dimension to the whole booking process. But beyond that, they add a firsthand authenticity that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. So with that, we reached out to one of our best-loved travel writers Mariella Frostrup to review Villa Sirenusa, in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast. You may also know Mariella from her ‘Dear Mariella’ column in the Guardian, or from her television presenting. In a nutshell, she’s ace, reliable and means business. 

So, grab a cuppa and biccies before diving into Mariella Frostrups spring holiday read. Not to be biased, but it’s a good’un.


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About Villa Sirenusa

Villa Sirenusa - Oliver's Travels

Villa Sirenusa – Oliver’s Travels

This beaut is one of kind, for one it’s one of the few villas on the Amalfi Coast with a private infinity pool, so with that alone, you’re onto a winner. The villa sleeps up to 10 across 4 bedrooms, all of which are uncomplicated and tastefully adorned. The colour palettes are nautical-esque, to mimic the relaxed setting of the coastline, just sheer bliss.

“At Villa Sirenusa it felt as though we had the whole coastline to ourselves. You’d certainly be hard pressed to find a more impressive panorama than the one we enjoyed from our garden.”

Villa Sirenusa is an aspirational Italian holiday home that families of all ages will enjoy. The interior, exteriors and location make this it a triple threat. And after all, it really doesn’t get any more photogenic than the Amalfi Coast.

If you enjoyed Mariella’s villa holiday review and fancy getting in on the action – get in touch with our concierge team. They’re ready and waiting to sort out your next getaway.

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