It might be one of the world’s most celebrated cuisines, but French food can get a pretty bad reaction from children – and to be fair, you can understand how snails, frogs’ legs and necklaces of garlic might seem a little more witch’s cauldron than sensational supper. If you’re booking one of our south of France luxury villa rentals and are already bracing yourself for tears at the dinner table, take a look at these top tips for introducing kids to la cuisine française.

Begin with basics

Croque Monsieur - Oliver's Travels (Photo courtesy of Javier Lastras via Flickr)

Croque Monsieur – Oliver’s Travels

As tempting as it might be to delay the tantrums until you arrive at your holiday rental, it’s always a good idea to introduce the kids to a couple of dishes back home first. Of all the French staples, cheese is perhaps the least daunting, and even the most suspicious ten year old should lower their guard when informed that croque monsieur is essentially a ham and cheese toastie. If your kids love their English breakfasts, try whipping up this tempting bacon and egg salad for lunch instead. Add crème brûlée as an evening treat and chances are they’ll start looking forward to French food almost as much as you are.  

Feed the familiar

Villa Azure

A big city will always have more choice than a village or a country town, so if this is their first trip abroad, you’ll want to stay conveniently near plenty of different restaurants. The spacious Villa Azure on the south coast is a perfect spot for winter sun, with all the delights of Nice and Monaco just a short drive away. The kids will soon find themselves in their comfort zone at one of the city’s many Italian-inspired restaurants: try Ville de Sienne in the Old Town for outdoor dining and top-notch pizza and pasta that they won’t even register as foreign.



To whet your appetite for a holiday in one of Oliver’s Travels delicious luxury villa rentals, head to our France page. If you’re looking for villas that are especially good for kids, we can help you there too – just head to our page dedicated to Family Holidays. We can’t help you make them eat their broccoli when you get there though.

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Lead Image: Escargot via Craig Hatfield, Croque Monsieur via Javier Lastras

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