Italian cuisine is renowned the world over! Eating some authentic Italian food is naturally one of the first things visitors want to do when they first arrive in Italy. What could be better than eating pizza, pasta, or parma ham right in the heart of where the food was first created? If that sounds good to you then you should consider a trip to the Italian region of Emilia Romagna.

Situated in the heart of Italy, you’ll find many famous Italian foods come from this region. Where other regions may be home to famous cities like Venice and Rome, this lesser known region is home to the city of Bologna, Italy’s food capital. It is here that the famous ‘Bologney’ (Bologna sausage), and Ragu (Bolognese) sauce was first created. The sauce was originally used to dress Tagliatelle pasta,  another creation home to Bologna, but it is also used often to prepare Lasagne Alla Bolognese!

Venture a little further out into the region to the nearby town of Parma, and you’ll discover the birthplace of Parma Ham and Parma Cheese! Can you imagine eating these both in the home of where they were once created?

Emilia Romagna by Whole Journeys

Emilia Romagna by Whole Journeys

Another famous town of the region, Modena, is the birthplace of many tradizionale balsamic vinegars that are unique to this region! These balsamic vinegars are used to make many desserts unique to Italy such as Zabaione, and Crème Caramel.

Then there are the pastas such as Tagliatelle (golden egg pasta) and Tortellini (stuffed pasta) which are also home to this region of food paradise! Why not take a cookery class while you’re here and actually learn to make the past from scratch? Otherwise just take your pick of the many local Italian restaurants littered throughout the capital Bologna. Most restaurants will serve at least one of these local pastas.

Taglaitelle - Emilia Romagna

Taglaitelle – Emilia Romagna

If you’re looking for the best place to experience local Italian cuisine in Italy then you can’t find much better than Emilia Romagna! As the birthplace to so much famous Italian food, coupled with the fact you don’t have the tourist price tag here, it really is a ‘foodies’ paradise!

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