It’s that time of year when it feels like you need a holiday more than ever. The winter really starts to bite, the clocks have gone back so you’re making your way home from work in the dark and the only way you’ll see sunshine in the next seven months is if you Google it. Even the promise of Christmas on the horizon can’t lift your spirits, and a blanket forecast of gloom, cold and grey skies in the near future seems too much to bear. If only there was something someone could do to make that sun-soaked holiday feel a little closer…

Well, here at Oliver’s Travels we know only too well what it’s like to be pining after your next break, so we’re doing something about it. If you need that instant hit of warming holiday loveliness, just call our free Holiday Withdrawal Helpline and we’ll transport you to the holiday bliss of your choosing!

The Holiday Withdrawal Helpline is here to buck you up, put a smile on your chapped, wind-blasted face and give you an all round audio hug that’ll make the winter feel a bit less bleak. It’s as easy as calling 0800 133 7652 (it’s a free call!) and choosing the holiday fantasy you want to indulge in:

  • Press one to relax to the sound of tropical birds calling through a Caribbean rainforest
  • Press two to hear the relaxing chirp of crickets as night falls in the Tuscan hills 
  • Press three to dive into the bustle and life of a vibrant Moroccan market
  • Press four for the gentle sound of Mediterranean waves kissing the shore

After that, all you need to is sit back in your chair, close your eyes and imagine yourself in your chosen paradise (preferably with a destination-appropriate drink to hand). You can listen for as long as you need to, and the helpline is totally free even on mobile phones – so you can get a top up of that beach vibe while you’re squashed up on the bus. And in a pinch, you can even listen to the sound files below!

Our co-founder Oliver Bell said of the service:

“Everyone feels down when they touch back down in the UK after an amazing break away, so we’ve decided to offer this unique service to keep holiday memories alive for as long as possible.”

So if you feel the need to feel a bit closer to your next holiday, give our Holiday Withdrawal Helpline a call on 0800 133 7652 – and if you really want to start looking forward to your next break away, check out our fantastic portfolio of luxury villas, chateaus and holiday homes and start turning that daydream into a reality.

Caribbean rainforest

Le Bleu - Anguilla - Luxury Caribbean Villas to Rent - Oliver's Travels

Tuscan hills

Hilltop Tuscany - Tuscan Villas to Rent - Oliver's Travels

Moroccan market

Moroccan Market - Luxury Villas in Morocco

Mediterranean waves

Mediterranean Waves - Villa Arenil de la Sirena, Ibiza - Luxury Villas to Rent in Ibiza - Olivers Travels

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