Friends and Champagne – two things that mix together extremely well! If you’ve got a few like-minded companions and feel like exploring this exquisite region of north-eastern France, you’ll be in for a treat. Not only will you be able to sample the world’s most celebrated fizzy drink at its source, there’s a ton of great things to do and amazing places to stay thanks to our grand selection of villas in Champagne. If you need any more convincing, check out our selection of the best group activities in Champagne – they’re sure to put that extra bit of sparkle in your holiday.

1. Roam around Reims with Instants Tours

Best Group Activities In Champagne

In Champagne, life takes place in the slow lane, so it makes sense to take tours that won’t rush you along. Instants Tours allow for a leisurely nine-hour day of exploring, where you aren’t just whisked from one sight to another to tick boxes of your to-see list. With Instant Tours, you are given enough space and crucially, time, to enjoy the sights. Leaving from Reims, the tours will bring you and your pals around the vineyards that surround the town, leading you to the cellars and fields of some of the most prestigious names in wine. It’s a luxurious excursion, with a gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant and personalised tours included in the price.

Book: Online at Instants Tours or call +33 (0)3 26 24 60 75

Location: 33B Rue Jeanne d’Arc 51100 Reims France

2. Play puzzle games while touring with Escapium

Best Group Activities In Champagne

Instead of a trudging around yet another vineyard or shuffling through a city, Escapium offers tours of Champagne with a difference. The company provides two different kinds of challenge tours to add a twist to your sightseeing. During the Reims tour, your team will be given a Polaroid camera and a set of tasks to complete around the historic centre of the city – any pictures you take are yours to keep. The other tour takes place in the vineyards, where you and your group will attempt to solve a series of clues. After the hard detecting work has been done, settle in for picnic surrounded by the grape-covered hills of Ardennes. Not only are the tours personalised and private (so you won’t have to listen to any outsider input!), but the challenge element of these excursions makes the journey all the more interesting.

Book: Online at Escapium or call 00 33 (o)6 74 62 65 87

Location: Parvis de la Cathédale, 51100, Reims, France

3. Float in the Champagne skies with Les Montgolfieres Champenoises

Best Group Activities In Champagne

Want a new perspective on Champagne? See the patchwork of vine-strewn hills from above during one of Les Montgolfieres Champenoises hot air balloon rides. The rides tend to be at sunrise and sunset, which adds to the tranquillity of the sky-high excursion. Watch the sky come to life in an explosion of colours as you drift lazily in the ethereal light of dusk. Budding balloonists will be especially interested to know that this company allow passengers to get involved with different parts of the journey, whether preparing the canvas and basket or firing up the balloon while you are airborne. The real draw of a trip, however, is experiencing that elusive moment of stillness as you hang silently in the air, with the open skies and panoramic views stretching out for miles ahead of you.

Book: Call +33 6 64 97 32 61

Location: Les Montgofleres Champenoises, Rue de la bascule 51400-Prosnes

4. Remember the past at Marne 14-18, Centre d’Interpretation Suippes

Best Group Activities In Champagne

History buffs will go gaga for this informative museum, which traces Champagne’s role in World War I. Do some pre-museum research by visiting battlefields that still bear the scars of that conflict, before reflecting on the sacrifice of many in the Marne 14-18 centre. The museum has exhibits dedicated to the Great War, including ephemera from the era, such as contemporary war technology and soldiers’ outfits. These sit alongside informative displays in English, French and German, and maps chronicling the region’s role in the war. For those who really like to geek out with the nitty gritty details of what happened where and when, book a guided tour with an expert in advance.

Book: Call 03 26 68 24 09 or email

Location: Centre d’Interprétation Marne 14-18 4, Ruelle Bayard 51600 Suippes

5.  Go off-road with Arden-Rando-Quads

Best Group Activities In Champagne

Want an activity that will drive up your pulse? There’s nothing quite like the rush of charging through the woods and fields of the Ardennes on quad bikes and ATVs. Arden-Rando-Quads offer different muddy packages, whether it’s a concentrated burst of thrills during a 20-minute expedition or a whole day of roaming with an optional lunch break to experience local gourmet cuisine – let’s hope all that adrenaline doesn’t hamper your appetite! Accompanying you during the excursion will be a trained and knowledgeable guide who can take you around the villages and trails of the countryside outside Boulzicourt. Travelling this way is not only lots of fun, but it also gives you access to otherwise unreachable parts of Champagne.

Book: Call +33 3 24 35 36 87

Location: 55 Rue de Halbotine Boulzicourt France

6. Learn the secrets of haute-couture at Le Moulin de La Fleuristerie

Le Moulin de La Fleuristerie | Best Group Activities In ChampagneIn the small village of Orges, an old windmill still turns. Inside, artisans create artificial flowers that are destined to feature on the clothing and accessories of the haute couture clothing of some of the world’s biggest fashion brands. Discover the strange history of this niche craft in the Fleuristerie. Guided tours will take you around the mill where artisans create petals and fake fruits for elaborate hats and accessories using the same old 19th-century equipment. When visiting, keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife that lives on the adjacent riverbanks; you might see kingfishers hunting and coypus (large orange-toothed rodents) splashing in the shallows.

Book: Call 06 22 10 89 48

Location: Le Moulin de la Fleuristerie – ARTamin’ 4, Chemin de la fleuristerie F-52120 Orges France



If a trip to Champagne sounds like the perfect tonic, you should get in touch with our concierge team. They can help you find the perfect accommodation – just let them know what you’re looking for and they’ll do the legwork for you! Alternatively, if you want some more information and inspiration on the Champagne region, check out our blog. You’ll find tons more things to do and information to discover, including our guide to authentic Champagne, and our full selection of the best kid activities and foodie experiences in Champagne. 

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