It just might be our favourite day of the year, Saturday 8th June is World Gin Day – as if we needed an excuse!

Whether at home or on holiday, a classic G&T or a fruity gin cocktail are our go-to drinks. We know that here in the UK gin is one of the most popular spirits around, and we have a delicious array of premium British gins to choose from. However, contrary to what many believe – Britain was not the birthplace of gin. That honour in fact goes to Holland, who first produced gin way back in the 17th century.

Since then the gin industry has been booming around the globe, with G&T being invented in Britain (yes, we’re to thank for that one) and Spain are now the world’s biggest gin consumers. There’s also somewhat of a gin revolution taking place in South Africa following the opening of Africa’s first even gin joint opening in Cape Town back in 2014.

So, with World Gin Day coming up we decided to combine two of our greatest loves – gin and travel – by taking a gin tour around the world.

Have a look at our graphic below to check out 80 of the best gin bars across the globe, and find out about some of the most popular gin brands around the world.

around the world in 80 gins world gin day


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