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23rd April
20th April
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16th April
Chateau De Castet, France - Oliver's Travels

Tastefully Local: Home Cooking at Chateau De Castet

Peer-to-peer dining is the next big thing when it comes to travel. Holidaymakers are looking beyond the restaurant experience and are seeking out authentic, home-cooked food that encapsulates the best of the region. At Oliver’s Travels we’ve got a huge range of properties where local chefs (if not the owners themselves!) will pull out all the stops…

14th April
Vegetarian Dishes - Oliver's Travels Journal

5 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in France and Spain

Meat-free food is not something you’d usually associate with either France or Spain. The former is the home of duck confit, cassoulet and foie gras, while the latter is famous for meaty platters of Jamón Ibérico and octopus. Although there’s no denying that seeking out veggie food in these countries will raise a few local eyebrows, there…