Esiweni Luxury Safari Lodge

An exquisite slice of elegant living nestled in the heart of unharnessed nature, Esiweni Lodge is an award-winning private reserve, in Nambiti. Perched on a dramatic clifftop, between Johannesburg and Durban, this chic retreat blends the warmth of Zulu hospitality, a thrilling safari experience and dazzling cuisine, with exclusivity woven into its fabric.

When authentic meets lavish, against the mystical beauty of the Drakensberg, something magical happens. Impeccable service, ethically-sourced cuisine and personal rangers that are industry experts equal a seamless experience.

The eco-tourists’ choice, the Lodge is committed to the conversation of the region’s wildlife, flora and fauna. With only five stylish suites, this retreat strikes the right note between seclusion and conviviality.

All the hallmarks of luxury, together with the details that make a place extra-special are in place. The indoors and outdoors interplay delightfully - sit back in bed and take in the views. Enjoy a massage after a day out, or dine under the stars.

Sophisticated, yet earthy - this idyll gets it right. Think stone hearths with a colonial safari vibe, refined with crisp linens and sleek finishes. Gallic elegance meets African panache with much-regaled dining - eating here is a sensory journey.

Unique experience

A host of ultra-luxe extras, including arrival by private jet and hot air balloon rides take it up a level. With proximity to the Drackenberg Park, Durban, Cape Town and Mozambique, the Lodge can be part of a wider experience, and in addition to the over 40 species and circa 280 birds, guests can enjoy a host of other activities.

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Villas at Esiweni Lodge