It’s no surprise that we’re fans of a villa – it’s the whole reason we’re here. But, there’s a reason we love them (nay – 10 reasons we love them) and why we think they’re better than any other type of holiday accommodation.

So here’s our top 10 reasons to stay in a villa (or chateau, or castle… basically anywhere that you can have to yourself).

They’re private

Who wants to spend their holiday days surrounded by strangers, fighting for sun loungers by the pool or listening to your next door neighbours having a drinking session on their balcony? Holidays are for relaxing with the people you love, and staying in a villa means you have the entire place to yourself – your own kitchen, lounge space, pool, multiple bathrooms… need we go on?

They’re good for social distancing

We don’t know what the future holds – and we’re hoping 2021 will be the year we can actually hug people again – but at least you know you’re abiding by social distancing rules when you stay in a villa. Again, you’ve got the whole place to yourself, so it’s just you and your group. Most of the time, a villa is in a secluded location, or has its own grounds at least – so you know you’re removed from the crowds. You’ll even have your own kitchen (often with top-notch alfresco dining spaces) so you don’t even have to go to restaurants if you don’t want to.

Casa Vista Roqueta - Mallorca, Spain

Casa Vista Roqueta – Mallorca, Spain

It’s a home-away-from-home

A villa is a home. Your home, for however long you’re there. You can treat it as such (provided at home you’re not swinging from lampshades or drawing on the walls!), which means that you’ll instantly feel comfortable and at peace. No housekeeping knocking at your door at inappropriate times, evening curfews, or weird resort entertainment to contend with. Just do what you want, when you want.

They’re cost-effective

People don’t usually realise this, but villas are actually really cost-effective. They often house a large number of people, meaning you can get the gang together and split the cost – and it’ll often come up less per night than a hotel. Meaning more money for bevvies/day trips/other fun stuff.

Manoir des Cedres - Aquitaine, France

Manoir des Cedres – Aquitaine, France

You can tailor it to your group

Villas often have a bunch of added extras you can take advantage of – in fact, we actually have a team of absolute legends dedicated to these extras. Our concierge team can organise everything from airport transfers to private chefs, and our Vill’Otel collection offer the convenience of a hotel in the privacy of your own villa (breakfast, maid service etc). Some villas even have their own specific extras – like in-house spa treatments, speedboat trips, casino nights (head to the Palace Casino Resort site to know more). The list goes on! Or you can say no thank you to all of that, and keep it simple.

They’re safe for families

When you go on holiday, you want to actually be able to switch off, right? our Flagstaff hotels offer a peace of mind that you can’t get anywhere– you’re often in a rural location, on a private property, away from strangers. Some villas have even gone that step further for families and installed child-safe pools, have fenced grounds and can even baby-proof their properties ready for your arrival. Our collection is divided between those ideal for babies, kids and teens, so you can be sure your brood is safe.

Villa Anastasia - Crete, Greece

Villa Anastasia – Crete, Greece

You can even sometimes bring your dog along for the ride

Pet-friendly holidays are a growing travel trend, and it’s easy to see why. Why drop your pooch off at a sad little kennel when they could be doggy paddling in the pool with you?! More and more properties are allowing people to bring their furry friends with them, because what’s a family holiday without the whole family?

They’re the perfect base for a more authentic holiday

Villas are often either placed in the depths of the countryside, just a short distance from a charming local town or even just steps from the beach – there’s no ‘British resort vibes’ when you stay in a villa. You’re smack bang in the beating heart of a region, and perfectly placed for an authentic holiday, whether that’s exploring local villages, hiking up mountains, or discovering hidden gems.

Castillo de Arena - Costa Blanca, Spain

Castillo de Arena – Costa Blanca, Spain

They’re great for groups and celebrations

If you want to get away for a birthday, event or even just fancy a large group holiday then where better than a huge villa/chateau/castle?! There are places that literally house over 30 people, so you can celebrate in style. Our party houses are perfect! And since it’s basically your own home for however long you’re there, you can enjoy it without the disapproving looks from strangers or the hotel staff coming to tell you off for being too loud.

They’re more sustainable

Sustainable travel is a hot topic, and it’s only going to continue to grow. Villas are instantly more sustainable than hotels or resorts as they’re not using half as much energy, and some villas are even putting their own green practices in place. We understand the importance of sustainability, which is why we launched a Sustainable Villa Collection, so we can shout about those holiday homes that are leading the way in eco-friendly stays, whether that’s through solar power, sustainable produce or even planting their own trees to offset their emissions!

Villa Giardiniera - Umbria, Italy

Villa Giardiniera – Umbria, Italy

So there we have it – our top 10 reasons to stay in a villa vs hotels/resorts! Whether you’re a villa holiday pro or never considered one before, make 2021 the year of the villa holiday – when the world of resort and hotel holidays seem a bit uncertain, you can be sure a stay in a villa will be ten times safer (and more enjoyable, to be honest!). We’ve even got a Book with Confidence policy in place for your peace of mind – but if you fancy talking to a human about it all, get in touch with our friendly concierge team.

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