Sometimes, we think it’s perfectly fine to just go for it and book an outrageous holiday. Whether it’s for a special occasion, or just because you’re feeling worth it, you deserve the ultimate luxury villa holiday there is. So gather your largest group of friends and pack your entire range LV luggage, because here are our highest rollin’, envy-inducing, swishest, fanciest villas.

1. Chateau De La Victoire

Location: French Riviera, France

Sleeps: 14

Price tag: From £18,881 per week

Why it’s worth it: Chateau De La Victoire was a beloved holiday destination of HRH Queen Victoria, so you know it’s fancy enough for a royal. It features a spectacular dining and communal areas, unreal views, and a Roman spa pool.

2. Villa Namaste

Villa Namaste

Location: Cote d’Azur, France

Sleeps: 22

Price tag: From £29,998 per week

Why it’s worth it: Commanding a prestigious position on the cliffside of Les Calanques, Villa Namaste has chic interiors, a cool pool and features high end furnishings and valuable works of art.

3. Wilfred Manor

Wilfred Manor

Location: Cotswolds, UK

Sleeps: 22

Price tag: From £14,760 per week

Why it’s worth it: Exciting, entertainment-filled and artsy-decorated Wilfred Manor sits in 4 acres of stunning gardens, offering landscaped terraces, alfresco lounge and dining, a fire pit, a swimming pool, gym and exceptional countryside views.

4. Chateau Le Duc

Location: Dordogne, France

Sleeps: 29

Price tag: From £9,550 per week

Why it’s worth it: Napoleon stayed here once, and the interior is worthy of royalty. The property features divine manicured gardens and copious indoor and outdoor leisure facilities. Plus, the dining terrace is to die for

5. Treasure Island

Treasure Island

Location: Cyclades, Greece

Sleeps: 20

Price tag: From £23,880 per week

Why it’s worth it: A 900 acre private island surrounded by cypress trees for privacy from passing speedboats. This villa is also part of our Sustainable Collection – the property collects rainwater and is entirely powered by solar panels, and the owners also grow organic produce on the island so guests can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables each day.

So there you have it. Have your people call our people and we’ll get your luxury villa holiday all booked in.
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