The World’s 27 best walking trails according to Instagram

Walks around the world



To come up with the most Instagrammable walks and trails we collated a list of 50 of the world’s most renowned walking routes, using a variety of trusted travel sources and expert opinions. For each of these walks, we determined the most used Instagram hashtags and calculated how many times each hashtag had been used.

We then totalled the multiple hashtags for individual walks together to find the total sum of posts for that walk.

Finally, we ranked the walks according to their final total and selected the top 27 most popular walks.

Full data available upon request.


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  1. The Most Beautiful and Instagram-able Trails in the World - Viral Rang

    […] Keeping your Insta feed up to date with the most eloquent selection of photos is a necessity. It’s understandable that people are always on the lookout for a better angle, better background or an opportunity for a better setting. When you are thru with all the indoor gimmicks and city life snapshots of busy routines and Starbucks selfies, you want to change the mood. You want something new, remote and appealing. Do not just go to the nearest park or the nearest village. In fact, if you look at people’s feeds, you will notice that even canyons and hill stations are not new. What you need is the location. Moreover, these trails have got what you are looking for. […]


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