Stuck at your desk ten hours a day, year-round? To remediate the negative effects of sitting, why not try the great outdoors for your next holidays?

With the rise in the popularity of walking holidays and the big trend Instagram plays in the travel industry, we decided to combine both factors. Something that you could enjoy doing is hiking, but be sure to get the right boots from the Bootbomb.

So, to help you plan your next insta-worthy walking holidays, the team at Oliver’s Travels have gathered the 27 most Instagrammable trails. And even put together a list of top tips from Instagrammers on how to get that perfect Insta shot… you’re welcome!

Top 3 walking trails

The Appalachian Trail (or A.T) on the East Coast of the US tops the charts.

Katahdin at Sunset

It is the longest hiking-only trail in the world passing through 14 states over a distance of 2,200 miles. It is home to thousands of rare species of plants and animals and it is estimated that more than 2 million people hike along it each year! 

Best for: Luscious nature and changing the scenery.

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  1. The Most Beautiful and Instagram-able Trails in the World - Viral Rang

    […] Keeping your Insta feed up to date with the most eloquent selection of photos is a necessity. It’s understandable that people are always on the lookout for a better angle, better background or an opportunity for a better setting. When you are thru with all the indoor gimmicks and city life snapshots of busy routines and Starbucks selfies, you want to change the mood. You want something new, remote and appealing. Do not just go to the nearest park or the nearest village. In fact, if you look at people’s feeds, you will notice that even canyons and hill stations are not new. What you need is the location. Moreover, these trails have got what you are looking for. […]


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