The Irish countryside is the perfect place for a long relaxing getaway. Full of history, nature, and charm, there’s so much to explore, and just as many beautiful rental properties to stay in. Here’s where and how to choose your vacation rental while you stay in Ireland during your trip.

Connemara Country House

Connemara Country House Galway Ireland

Sleeps: 10

Price from: $34 pppn/£28 pppn

This stunning Irish country house provides the cozy feel of a traditional hunting lodge with an updated interior for the modern traveler. If you’re looking to get away from it all and snuggle up in the countryside of Galway with family or friends, this is an ideal place to do so. With 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for everyone, and the property is complete with lush and tranquil gardens for a completely immersive escape.

Gaelic Castle

Gaelic Castle Ireland

Sleeps: 4-8

Price from: $71 pppn/£59 pppn

If you fancy yourself a medieval king, there’s no better place to hang your hat than this Gaelic castle in the Irish countryside. It was built in the 15th century, and its top-floor great hall is the perfect place to survey your kingdom. Heated floors will keep you cozy and warm, and there are plenty of fireplaces where you can snuggle up with a good book or a game of chess. It’s just a short jaunt to the nearest village, where you can pick up fresh produce for a traditional Irish feast.

County Meath Castle

County Meath Castle Ireland

Sleeps: 15

Price from: $51 pppn/£41 pppn

This 16th-century castle combines classic Irish history with luxurious hospitality. The castle is said to be haunted by a lovesick ghost from this era, bringing a bit of classic Irish lore to your stay. It comfortably sleeps up to 15 people in its impeccably decorated rooms, making it a perfect choice for group travels. During your stay, you can get out and enjoy the countryside with on-site clay pigeon shooting as well as nearby fishing and horseback riding.

Blackstairs Mountain House

Blackstairs Mountain House Ireland

Sleeps: 8

Price from: $47 pppn/£39 pppn

We can’t get enough of the stunning modern architecture this house has to offer. The house combines a sleek open-plan design with rustic mountain touches for a stylish yet cozy cabin feel. There are four acres of lush green countryside on the property, and the top floor offers stunning views of nearby Mount Leinster.

Bantry Bay House

Bantry Bay House Ireland

Sleeps: 12

Price from: $39 pppn/£32 pppn

This secluded beach house sits right on the shores of Bantry Bay in West Cork, one of Ireland’s best destinations for a country vacation. The comfy interior has everything you need for the perfect lazy Sunday, with a total of six bedrooms of all sizes. Outside, you’ll have everything you need to enjoy the area, including kayaks, a hot tub, a barbecue, and more. What better way to start a vacation than walking out onto one of Ireland’s most beautiful bays?

Plunkett House

Plunkett House Ireland

Sleeps: 17

Price from: $67 pppn/£56 pppn

Look no further than the Plunkett House for an authentic Irish estate experience. While exploring the grounds, you’ll find remains of centuries-old churches and tombs. The massive estate has plenty of space to spread out, with plenty of entertainment space perfect for dinner parties or game nights. The estate also has its own cafe, tennis courts, and gardens to explore.

Towerhouse Castle & Coach House

Towerhouse Castle Ireland

Sleeps: 24

Price from: $40 pppn/£36 pppn

Immerse yourself in the medieval history of Kilkenny by staying in this authentic 16th-century castle and its adjacent coach house. Relax on the top floor of the tower and take in the dramatic views of the Irish countryside, or relax by the fire on the patio. Its convenient location makes it easy to explore the nearby villages, but with its dramatic architecture and modern comforts, you may never want to leave.

Kinsale Hall

Georgian Mansion Estate Ireland

Sleeps: 24

Price from: $206 pppn/£170 pppn

This luxurious estate consists of three houses and offers everything a discerning traveler might want in their accommodation. Host a formal event in the ballroom, play croquet on the lawn, or relax in the game room – there’s something for everyone. There’s even a helipad, a boat jetty, and an outdoor treehouse, and there’s plenty of space for even the largest groups.

Deburgo Castle

Deburgo Castle Ireland

Sleeps: 12

Price from: $47 pppn/£37 pppn

This classic castle is perfectly situated in west Ireland, and is the perfect place for any adventurous traveler to hang their hat. The property has plenty of classic historical touches that will transport you to centuries past, but with the convenience of modern amenities. The top floor even has a secret room that was once used for holding rebellious prisoners!

Tack Room Cottage

Tack Room Cottage Ireland

Sleeps: 8

Price from: $28 pppn/£23 pppn

This charming cottage is located on an estate in Galway and has a bright, cheery feel. While it was once used as the estate stables, it has since been converted into a cozy, family-friendly space that you’ll never want to leave. While the space itself feels cozy and private, it’s easy to wander up to the castle and explore the grounds.

With so many cozy and charming estates, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing where to stay in Ireland. Check out our entire collection of Irish vacation properties, and don’t hesitate to reach out to our concierge team for a little bit of personal guidance when planning your holiday.

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