Planning your next vacation? Visiting the usual foreign destinations can begin to feel old hat pretty quickly. Why not opt for one of these unique vacation ideas such as gazing at the Texas bluebonnets? If you are looking for the perfect spot for your destination wedding, or desire a more interesting family vacation, it’s time to make some new discoveries. Take a look at the 8 destinations below, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for your next trip.

Italian Lakes

Unique Vacation Ideas - Lake Orta

Isola San Giulio on Lake Orta

A long-time favorite of George Clooney and many other A-listers, the Italian Lakes region is the perfect spot for laid-back glamour. Lake Como may be the best known in the district, but there are other, lesser-known areas that are also worth a visit. Peak season in this area is summer, June through August, and if you want to avoid the throngs of tourists, May and September are also amazing times to visit. Or, you can check out some of the less-traveled parts of the lakes like Lake Maggiore and Lake Varese.


Unique Vacation Ideas - Mont St-Michel

Mont St-Michel

It’s not just history buffs who will love a visit to the Normandy region of France. Rouen’s Old Town and the Abby on Mont St-Michel should definitely be on your itinerary when you visit Normandy. This area is popular with WWII history buffs, but there is even more history to be discovered in this beautiful region. A stay in Normandy will include visits to rugged beaches, delicious seafood, along with an abundance of significant history.


The Village of Aurel Near a Lavender Field in Beautiful Provence - Unique Vacation Ideas

The village of Aurel from a nearby lavender field

There’s just something so romantic about Provence! Architectural lovers and historians alike find a lot to marvel about in this amazing region in Southern France. But, for many people, it’s the natural wonder and beauty that steals the show, including olive groves, rolling vineyards, pine forests, and lavender fields. Don’t miss the charming medieval fortification of Fort St. Jean, either. 


Unique Vacation Ideas - Tomb of Kings in Paphos

Tomb of Kings in Paphos

Anyone who is looking for a vacation destination that’s off-the-beaten-path needs to put Cyprus at the top of their list! This island off the coast of Turkey is an ancient marvel, and definitely one of the most unique vacation ideas, especially if you’re looking to do a little offshore betting and wondering is online gambling legal in Georgia. Where else can you visit archeological sites like the Tombs of the Kings, and beautiful beaches all in one trip? Be sure to check out Kourion during your stay. This ancient land will deliver when it comes to providing a magical vacation experience.


Unique Vacation Ideas - Snowdonia


A trip to Wales is definitely unexpected when you’re traveling from the US, but also delightful. A less-popular nation of the United Kingdom, Wales has a lot to offer. A visit to this country can feel like a step back in time, from the traditional Welsh language to historical architecture such as Conwy and Cardiff Castle, there is a lot to appreciate when it comes to the country’s culture. We recommend a walking tour in Snowdonia, the vistas are truly stunning and you’ll meet some incredibly nice people too!


Piazza Duomo in Florence - Unique Vacation Ideas

Piazza Duomo in Florence

Often thought of as the art capital of the world, Florence is truly a magical city. Art lovers dream of visiting this majestic city, but there’s a lot more to see and do in this ancient town. Florence, or Firenze as it is known to Italians, is a foodie’s paradise! It’s also the perfect place to shop for the latest in Italian fashion. The city is small and best explored on foot. There are plenty of day trips into the country that are also worth your time: check out Siena for a taste of Tuscany!

Costa del Sol

Sierra de las Nieves Unique Vacation Ideas

Sierra de las Nieves
Credit: MGaylard (Flickr)

The Andalusia region in Southern Spain is unlike anywhere else in Western Europe. Marbella, its capital, remains a popular vacation destination with travelers from the UK and is now catching on with American tourists as well. This is the spot for a prime beach vacation! And, if you want to add a little bit more activity to your visit, there is plenty to do and see. Nature lovers won’t want to miss the Sierras de las Nievas, a Biosphere Reserve. And Calaceite Beach is the place to go if you want to enjoy a quieter beach set amongst fantastic natural splendor.


Kalkan Beach - Unique Vacation Ideas

Kalkan Beach

This area of Turkey is really something special. This is an exciting option for a less than typical beach vacation. Located on the Mediterranean Sea within the shadows of the Taurus Mountains, this is the perfect destination for travelers that want a truly unique experience. The area remains quaint and charming in spite of its growing popularity. Life in Kalkan is centered around the bustling harbor, with its cobblestoned lanes and whitewashed buildings – it’s easy to lose yourself in the beauty of this European gem. 

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