From ancient ruins and cultural landmarks to stunning beaches and bustling nightlife, Italy has it all. Whether you’re planning a romantic escape, a family-friendly holiday or a vacation with friends, you’ll find the perfect getaway within the borders of this spectacular country. To turn your Italy vacation ideas into a reality, take a look at our top destinations…



Great for: Art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts

Situated in Central Italy, Tuscany runs from the Tyrrhenian Sea right up to the Apennines. An expanse of untouched countryside interspersed with thriving cities, Tuscany is a region of contrasts. For art lovers, Tuscany is a must-see destination. Visit the Uffizi Gallery for its Renaissance collections, stroll around The Boboli Gardens and discover the treasures of the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

The rural areas of Tuscany are ideal for hiking, walking, and even mountain biking. If you want to combine your vacation with outdoor adventures, Tuscany is the perfect destination.

Best Time to Visit: Sep-Oct, Apr-May


Scala dei Turchi, Sicily

Great For: Explorers and nature lovers

The largest of the country’s islands, Sicily is one of the most popular Italy vacation ideas. Surrounded by crystal waters, you can spend your days lounging on the beach or exploring the natural ruins dotted around the land. Take a trip to the Valley of the Temples, hike up Stromboli or ski down Mount Etna. With endless sights to take in, there is a multitude of Sicily vacation ideas on offer.

Best Time to Visit: May-Jun, Sep-Oct


Piazza Duomo in Florence - Unique Vacation Ideas

Piazza Duomo in Florence

Great For: Romantic breaks and avid historians

The birthplace of the Renaissance, vacation ideas in Florence center on spectacular museums, world-class restaurants, and breathtaking architecture. Museo di San Marco adjoins a 15th-century monastery and is the ideal place to see the combination of art and history. Visit Galleria dell’Accademia, Duomo, Palazzo Vecchio, Museo delle Cappelle and Basilica di Santa Croce and marvel at everything this awe-inspiring city has to offer.

Best Time to Visit: Sep-Oct, Apr-Jun



Great For: City lovers and explorers

If you’re looking for vacation ideas in Venice, we’ve got plenty! Known as the City of Love, Venice is the perfect honeymoon or anniversary destination. However, you don’t have to be planning a romantic break to enjoy the stunning sights and unrivalled atmosphere of Venice. Explore the City atop a gondola, visit St. Mark’s Square, walk through Doge’s Palace and be sure to experience the Bridge of Sighs.

Best Time to Visit: Sep-Oct, Apr-May



Great For: Food lovers and beach loungers

Nestled in Italy’s ‘heel’, the southwestern region of Puglia is fast becoming one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. With an abundance of historic towns and sandy beaches, you can combine a sun-soaked vacation with cultural exploration. Known for its cuisine, you’ll find world-class restaurants, mouth-watering wine tours, and rural bike excursions when you’re looking for Southern Italy vacation ideas.

Best Time to Visit: May-Jun, Sep-Oct

Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast


Great For: Activities and nightlife

Among the sweeping vistas and historic sights, you’ll find a range of high-octane activities and bustling nightlife in Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast. In fact, this beautiful destination really does have everything to offer. Take a tour around the coast in a traditional wooden fishing boat, jump on board a jet ski or climb the Sorrento Peninsula as you take in the magnificent views of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Best Time to Visit: Apr-May, Sep-Oct

Italian lakes

Italian Lakes

Great For: Romantic breaks, wine tours, and stunning scenery

Whether you stay waterside at Lake Como, paraglide over Lake Garda or relax in the secluded surroundings of Lake Orta, you won’t be short of Northern Italy vacation ideas. The Italian Lakes are perfectly situated to take advantage of the balmy climate and the picturesque views of the Alps. You’ll find outdoor pursuits, medieval towns and sublime wine tours on offer in the Lombardy region, as well as exquisite architecture.

Best Time to Visit: May-Jun, Sep



Great For: Family holidays, beaches and watersports

One of the most popular family vacation destinations in the whole of Europe, Sardinia is a must-visit island for anyone traveling with kids. Sitting to the west of the mainland, the island has over 2,000km of coastline, which means you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to beaches. Youngsters will love exploring the mysteries behind the thousands of Bronze Age ruins known as nuraghi, while the mountains inland are perfect for high-octane adventures. From theme parks and zip lines to family-friendly museums and ice cream parlors with over 1,001 flavors, you’ll find plenty of Italy family vacation ideas right here in Sardinia.

Best Time to Visit: Apr-May, Sep-Oct

Planning the perfect vacation in Italy

To make the most of your time in this breathtaking country, you’ll want to ensure you have the perfect place to stay. To plan your ultimate Italy vacation, take a look at our website or contact our concierge team for help finding your dream villa in any of these stunning destinations.

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