Visiting Montenegro for the first time? You may be wondering what culinary delights you can expect from this Balkan country. Very few dishes have made it out to the west, so there’s an element of mystery surrounding restaurant menus here – but we’re here to help. Here are our top recommendations of foods to try in Montenegro when staying in one of our luxury villas.

Njegusi Prosciutto

Njegusi ProsciuttoJoin the tourists and locals alike that take the daily drive up to Njegusi village. Their motive? To try the Njegusi prosciutto. Made in a field that’s 800m above sea level near the base of Lovćen mountain, these whole pig hind legs are then packed in salt for three weeks before being hung to dry for another three weeks. The final step is a four-month smoking – and the end result is entirely worth the wait. You’ll typically find it served in thin slices with a selection of local cheeses. 


CevapiCraving some fast food? Cevabzinicas are the Montenegro alternative to a kebab shop, serving small, skinless sausages called cevapi that are made from two or more types of meats. Enjoy yours the local way with a crisp tomato and cucumber salad, or served in a flatbread that’s been grilled right where the sausages sat.


BurekTrade in your plain toast and supermarket pastries for a Turkish alternative – burek. This baked filo pastry is traditionally stuffed with meat, though cheese and vegetable fillings are also available. You’ll even find some sweet ones, though all are characterised by either their spiral or wedge shape.

Njeguski Steak

Njeguski SteakInvited by former Yugoslav president Tito’s private chef, Milovan Stojanovic, the Njeguski steak became an instant classic. Made using either veal or pork schnitzel, it’s then filled with signature Njegusi prosciutto and cheese. You’ll sometimes find it topped with even more cheese, including a melting variety known as kajmak – deliciously indulgent!


KacamakA distinctly Montenegro take on porridge, kacamak originates from the mountains – explaining why the staple is so hearty but also simple. It’s made by cooking cornmeal with potatoes and mixing in kajmak cream cheese. Sour milk or yogurt is then dolloped on top to provide maximise energy.

Black risotto

Crni RižotThis next dish certainly won’t be for everyone, but seafood fans who love to try new things are sure to enjoy its novelty factor. Known as crni rižot, this risotto gets its iconic black colour from cuttlefish ink, with pieces of squid also mixed in. Try yours when visiting the coast, but be warned: it will turn your teeth black for a time!


PalačinkeReady to top it all off with something sweet? Pancakes are hardly a Montenegro invention, but it’s the homemade jam filling that truly makes them worth sampling here. Eurocrem – a spread made from hazelnut, cocoa and milk – is another popular choice, while savoury options include your classic ham and cheese.

While those may be our top picks of foods to try in Montenegro, there’s plenty more to try throughout your holding in one of our luxury villas in Montenegro. Need a little help deciding where to stay? Contact our concierge team.

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