Italy is a magical country, and we think that everyone should visit the country at least once. Still unsure? We have made a list of our top 10 reasons for visiting Italy which perhaps will sway your mind!

1. History

It’s no secret that Italy is a treasure trove for history lovers, so if you can’t get enough of the museums and architecture, why not stay in a historic building yourself? Villa San Michele is a former 13th-century chapel and monastery and is perfect for a holiday with family or friends!

2. The Vatican

It might be a tourist trap, but there’s a reason why the world’s smallest nation continues to pull in the crowds – actually, there are a lot of reasons. From the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter’s Square, a day in the Holy See is a must.

3. Jazz

Umbria hosts a spectacular Jazz Festival twice every year – a summer celebration in Perugia, and a winter one in Orvieto. These charming ancient cities have previously hosted legendary performers like B.B. King, Tony Bennet and even Elton John.

4. The Lakes

In our opinion the Italian lakes are unrivalled. While they have become synonymous with romantic holidays, they are also brilliant family holiday spots as there are so many things to see and do.

One of our favourites is Lake Trasimeno. This idyllic spot is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy. The three islands in the lake, one of which is home to the ruins of a Franciscan monastery, are accessible to visitors by ferry.

5. Italian Villas

From rustic cottages to exclusive mansions, holiday properties in Italy are truly exceptional. Some of the most beautiful villas in the country can be found in Tuscany, and here at Oliver’s Travels, we have over 80 in the region, including Villa Bobolino: a rural farmhouse which is nestled into the hillside. You can enjoy panoramic views of the rolling Tuscan countryside from the comfort of your private infinity pool.

6. Scenery

Italy has some of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world and is not to be missed! From the white sandy beaches and pristine waters of Sardinia and Puglia to the rolling hills of Tuscany to the sweeping and dramatic mountains framing Italy’s stunning lakes – there is something for everyone! We can especially recommend getting out to see the scenery from the comfort of a car. (Also, check out our Top 5 Luxury Drives Through Italy and Top Four Drives Across the Mediterranian Coast)

7. Food

We couldn’t compile a list of reasons to visit Italy without mentioning the food! Italian cuisine is much respected and much replicated throughout the world. However, it goes without saying that everyone must try real, authentic Italian food once in their lives. Tuscany is an established paradise for dedicated gourmands; regional specialities include pecorino cheese, olive oil and grappa.

8. Architecture

Italy is brimming with architectural wonders; exquisite cathedrals, fantastically tall and ancient towers, Roman amphitheatres and ornate palaces. Florence is a standout city when it comes to architecture, but other, smaller cities such as Verona, Bologna and Venice also lead the way with outstanding examples of architecture from different periods.

9. Black Truffles

Umbria has the ideal climate for cultivating the delicious and rare black truffle. Oliver’s Travels recommends Da Baffone, just outside Gubbio, for some great regional cooking. This trattoria offers two menus – one with truffles and the other without.

10. Bellagio

Known as the ‘Pearl of Lake Como,’ this village is one of the most romantic in Italy. Sip an Aperol at one of the many lakeside cafes and admire the view. Stay in nearby Villa Sonni to enjoy panoramic views of the lakes and mountains.

Why not check out our list of luxury villas to rent in Italy and start planning your own amazing adventure in Italy? If you need any kind of help, please don’t hesitate to contact our concierge team



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