If you’ve not considered a holiday to Scotland before, now’s your chance. With staycations gaining popularity – and people realising just how good they can be recently, it’s time to get stuck in to the culture-rich country of Scotland. Draped in history, its castle-dotted hills are strewn with crumbling ruins, and its cobblestone city streets are bursting with life – and that’s before even mentioning the awe-inspiring Highlands with its lofty mountains, cliffs, valleys and rugged coastline! 

There’s an unbelievable amount of things to do in Scotland on holiday, and we’ve got everything from cute cottages, medieval castles, lodges and other holiday homes to rent. It’s time to discover what Scotland has to offer!

Top 10 things to do in Scotland

  • Watch Scotland’s bravest and strongest sportsmen and women pit their strength against one another at the Highland Games.things to do in Scotland Highland Games
  • Scotland’s culture is unique, distinctive, and proud, and the Scots will embrace any opportunity to celebrate it with music, dancing and poetry. Pop into any Scottish pub in the evening and there’s a good chance you’ll be greeted with traditional Gaelic music and some of the best single-malt whisky you’ve ever tried.
  • Take a whisky tour of one of the hundreds of different distilleries across Scotland. Maps are available for those who are dedicated scotch aficionados and who want to include a tour of the best distilleries.things to do in scotland - whisky tasting
  • Take the kids for a great day out to the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, followed by a trip to Edinburgh Zoo and say hello to the zoo’s most famous residents, the only pandas currently living in the UK.
  • Play golf at the home of the sport, St Andrews. Or stay in one of our golf villas.
  • Take a trip on the West Highland Line, believed to be the most scenic railway journey in the world. Whatever you do, don’t forget your camera.
    ride the west highland line - things to do in scotland
  • Look out for the Royal National Mod, a celebration of the Gaelic culture of Scotland and held right across the country. Here you’ll see the country’s best bagpipers, poets, singers and storytellers keeping these ancient bardic arts alive.
  • Go underground with a tour of the Edinburgh catacombs, or take a guided ghost tour of the city in the evening – a spooky and wonderfully entertaining way to discover the hidden corners of the city.
  • Explore the great outdoors – like the incredible beaches and lochs. If this is your type of plan, check out these villas perfect for outdoor pursuits. And don’t forget to bring your bikes and walking shoes.
  • Fingal’s Cave: Island-hop over to Staffa island to see the incredible Fingal’s Cave. Lined with the same hexagonal basalt rock formation as you’d see over on the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, it’s unique, spectacular, and genuinely amazing. Keep a look out for the adorable puffins who nest on the top of this uninhabited island during the summer.fingals cave scotland

Ready for an action-packed trip to Scotland? If you’re heading there with little ones then it might be worth checking out our list of things to do with the family in Scotland, and if you need a hand figuring out the perfect place to stay for you and your group have a chat with our concierge team if our collection of Scotland villas is overwhelming.

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