Arcachon Bay is a bay of the Atlantic Ocean situated between the Côte d’Argent and the Côte des Landes, known as ‘Le Bassin’ (‘The Basin’) by local people, it’s situated in the department of Aquitaine and Gironde in South West France. The bay covers an area of 150 km² and is a place of extraordinary beauty, so it didn’t take us long to pull together a list of four great reasons why you should visit, and also some things to do in Arcachon Bay.

Where Is It? Arcachon Bay Map:

A Map of Arcachon - Oliver's Travels

1. Relax With Some Balneotherapy

In the 19th Century, the bourgeoning Bordeaux Bourgeoisie decided to create what they then called a ‘health care’ holiday. Arcachon soon became a location of choice for the people of Bordeaux to rest, relax and recharge their batteries. It was only natural that, before long, Archachon would evolve into a luxury resort. Today, Arcachon is especially famous for balneotherapy (the treatment of diseases by bathing) where you can enjoy the curative benefits of water sprays and relaxing massage.

2. The Perfect Weather!

Arcachon Bay has an amazing climate, with perfect sunshine pretty much all year round. The Winter cold is relatively mild while Summer is dry and hot, so it’s ideal for enjoying the sublime beaches on Arcachon Bay.

Access to the sandy beach through the dunes at cap ferret, arcachon bay

3. Beautiful Views

The architecture of Arcachon is some of the most beautiful in Gironde, mainly due to the side range of architectural styles in the region.

As well as that, Arcachon also has Europe’s longest and highest dune of sand: La Dune du Pyla, which reaches a mind-boggling 107 meters in height! Naturally, at the top of the dune you’ll stunning views of the entirety of Arcachon Bay. OK, who else is thinking picnic?

La Dune du Pyla - Arcachon Bay

La Dune du Pyla – Arcachon Bay

4. Amazing Oysters!

One thing you’d be mistaken to miss in Arcachon Bay are its Oysters – the area is well-known throughout France for its Oysters farms, which produce some of the finest farmed bivalves you’re ever likely to swallow whole. The French tradition is to enjoy Oysters with a light French white, but if you need to know more just take a trip to the Oyster museum (yup, it’s a thing) which explains in detail how oysters are cultivated.

oysters arcachon bay

Where to stay in Arcachon Bay:

If you plan to follow a balneotherapy treatment, why not stay at the Villa le Bassin? Just west of Bordeaux, this luxury villa rental, is tucked away in a serene cove off the French Atlantic Ocean. It’s a place where prestigious luxury accommodation meets exemplary service, all set in a reinvigorating atmosphere of marine life and pine forests. It’s situated only a short drive from a number of Balneotherapy treatment centres and Bordeaux city centre, and is walking distance from the beach so you can enjoy the magic of the coast too!

Villa Le Bassin, Aquitaine - Oliver's Travels

Villa Le Bassin, Aquitaine – Sleeps 16 – Oliver’s Travels

With so much to look forward to, why not check out our list of luxury villas to rent in Aquitaine and start planning your own amazing adventure in Arcachon?

Looking for a full list of villas to rent this year? Check out our villa holidays page here.

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