Everybody loves a good destination wedding – and whether you’re planning your own or you’re just a hopeless romantic who always cries when the happy couple say their vows, we’ve got a whole bunch of real weddings to inspire and entice you. This time we’re talking to Rick and Tarryn-Lee, who were kind enough to talk to us about (and share the video of!) their wedding at the marvellous Chateau D’aleny.

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Why did you choose a destination wedding?

I got asked this question so many times! We are from Australia, and we decided to get married in France as we both wanted to be with the people that mattered the most to us, as well as wanting an  amazing and memorable experience for everyone. We didn’t just want one big day, we wanted a festival of celebrations with our family and friends who flew around the world to be with us. It was the best decision we ever made! We could have an intimate wedding but a big affair.

Chateau D'aleny

The bride and groom in front of Chateau D’aleny

What were the drawbacks or challenges posed by getting married abroad?

I think the biggest drawback was not being able to talk to my wedding planner face-to-face, but we overcame this by regular Skyping and email, and it turned out magical. Pictures do say a thousand words!

Did you feel you had better value, or was it more expensive to have a destination wedding?

I think it was better value as we had three days at the chateau and a magical experience. I don’t think anything could beat that.

How long did it take to plan the event?

It took me a year to plan our wedding.

Chateau D'aleny

Tarryn and Rick

Who helped you to organise the event – family, friends, or did you hire a wedding planner? Any tips?

Stephanie our wedding consultant help us to find the venue with Olivers Travels, and told us about the chateau being one of the best she had in her portfolio, so we went ahead with it. We were also lucky as Sonia, the owner of the chateau, is a destination wedding planner herself and she helped out a lot. My husband and my mother also helped me with the decision making. Getting a wedding planner who knows your venue and the vendors is a must, especially if you don’t speak the language of the country you’re getting married in!

Most stressful moment in organising the wedding?

The most stressful moment for me was making a decision on flowers, as I wanted everything that was not in season!

What were you looking for in a venue, and what was it about our property that made you choose it?

I wanted a venue that looked like it was out of a fairy tale, which is exactly what I got with Chateau D’aleny. Not only with the exterior, but the rooms and furnishings were magical, and with the chapel on-site it made the perfect venue for us.

Chateau D'aleny

What was the best part of the day, and what made it memorable? Any good stories?

The best part would have been marrying my best friend in a French castle with all of my family and friends! One other thing that was unbelievable was the surprise groomsmen’s dance! My husband had choreographed the most hilarious dance performed by himself and his five groomsman, and while my husband isn’t the dancer in our relationship, he still tore up the dance floor to Justin Bieber and Beyonce and blew our minds.

What are your top 3 recommendations to those arranging their own destination wedding?

My top three tips would be: 1) Stay at the venue for three nights – we had the wedding on the second day and on the third day we all just relaxed and had the best day before we departed the following day. 2) would be to get a wedding planner, and 3) enjoy every moment because it’s an amazing experience and it’ll be over before you know it! We trusted our wedding videographer, one of the best wedding videographers in maine, to capture all the good moments. Oh, and try to make time on your wedding day to have a moment alone with your new husband, even if it is just to get him to tassel your wedding dress!

*Images by Sveta Svetina Photography

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