We’ve unveiled our latest service in the battle against those post-holiday, winter blues! Our brilliant new Holiday Withdrawal Helpline is a free number you can call to hear some of those holiday sounds you’ve been craving, from waves lapping against the beach through the energetic hubbub of a Moroccan souk to the sound of tropical birds calling through the rain forest. It’s perfect if you’re feeling the cold and need a couple of moments to feel like you’re far, far away – give it a try yourself on 0800 133 7652, and as we say, it’s free even from your mobile (so perfect if you need to daydream on the bus – and a great way to imagine yourself chilling out on one of our luxury villa holidays!)And as you’d imagine, we’ve had a bit of interest from the press in this unique new service, so we’ve collated all our clippings and mentions here in one easy place. Click on the links to view the post in all its glory.

  • Fife Today published a small piece on the helpline, saying:

A new helpline for Holiday Withdrawal Symptoms has been launched by Oliver’s Travels to provide comfort to people who are yearning to escape the dark mornings and the cold weather.

The helpline features a number of audio recordings of classic holiday sounds. Listeners need only dial, pick a sound and close their eyes to feel like they’ve been transported on holiday.

  • Just About Travel mentioned the service in their Saturday travel round up too, mentioning how it’s a great tonic even for the weariest of travellers!

If, by the end of next week, I have had enough about holidays and destinations then here could be a remedy for me. Oliver’s Travels has launched a new helpline for holidaymakers suffering post-holiday blues. The company says that the free helpline is available to anyone suffering withdrawal symptoms and features audio recordings of ‘classic holiday sounds’ from a vibrant Moroccan market to the sound of crickets in the Tuscan hills.

Dial one to relax to the sound of tropical birds calling through a Caribbean rainforest; dial two to hear the relaxing chirp of crickets as night falls in the Tuscan hills; dial three to dive into the bustle and life of a vibrant Moroccan market and dial four for the gentle sound of Mediterranean waves kissing the shore.

  • Escapism Magazine, which specialises in independent travel, picked up on our fantastic helpline in their January 2016 issue, noting:

“Dealing with the holiday blues is a flipping nightmare – trust us, we know. It comes to some relief, then, that villa holiday specialist Oliver’s Travels has launched an emergency Holiday Withdrawal Helpline to help those feeling particularly blue.”

Escapism Coverage - Luxury Villas to Rent - Oliver's Travels

Our holiday helpline turning up in Escapism Magazine



The Metro Reckons Our Holiday Helpline Is Worth A Call!

October 30th, 2015
Daily newspaper The Metro was pretty quick off the block when it came to covering our fantastic new Holiday Withdrawal Helpline – our unique new service that lets you escape the gloom of winter by calling our freephone number and listening to the sounds of your preferred holiday setting, from the gentle sounds of the Mediterranean lapping at your feet to the call of exotic birds through a tropical rainforest. You can click the link above to find out more, or try it yourself by calling 0800 133 7652!

Here’s what The Metro had to say:

Metro Holiday Withdrawal Helpline - Luxry Villas, chateaux and holiday homes to rent

The fantastic new service was also picked up by the travel and leisure blog Travel Mole, who mention that it’s perfect if you’re suffering from a spot of the post-holiday blues. We’re inclined to agree – and you will be too if you give it a call and see what you’re missing!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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