We pride our luxury villas in their ability to give you a VIP holiday experience, from infinity pools and luxe décor to our extensive list of incredible extras. But did you know that some of our villas have also been used as filming locations for some of Hollywood’s hottest blockbusters? If you fancy a slice of the action, check out our favourite filming location villas below and you can be the protagonist of your own story while residing in a real-life movie set.

Villas used as filming locations

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Talamon Tower, Siena

villas as Filming locations

Those who keep up to date with James Bond are probably aware of the abandoned yet majestic watchtower on the edge of the cliff (literally!) in the blockbuster Quantum of Solace. Several scenes have been shot in-and-outside of the building. Why not create your own James Bond story in the Tuscany-based Talamon Tower?

The Executioner and James Bond: For Your Eyes Only

Kanoni Estate, Corfu

Kanoni Estate

A film industry favourite, the lavish Greek estate has not only been used for the James Bond box office hit For Your Eyes Only, but also for the 1970’s thriller The Executioner. The remote estate does not only provide access to a private beach but even has a mini chapel on its grounds. True Hollywood-style living!

Ocean’s Twelve

Villa Manlio, Sicily

Villa Manlio

Remember that scene between Isabel and her father LeMarque in Ocean’s Twelve? You might recognise our beautiful Italian holiday home Villa Manlio as the scene’s setting! 

Poldark and more

Lostwithiel Manor, Cornwall

Lostwithiel Manor

The rural beauty of this manor has had it’s share of fame, hosting a wide range of film shoots, fashion editorials, bridal photography sessions, and much more. Some of the most famous shows that have starred Lostwithiel Manor include The Three Musketeers, My Cousin Rachel and more recently Delicious starring Dawn French, Flog It and Poldark.


Beach Retreat, Kent

Beach Retreat

We wouldn’t blame you if the captivating performances by Olivia Coleman and David Tennant took centre stage but you may have spotted our glorious Beach Retreat shown in the British favourite, Broadchurch.

Doc Martin

Beach Bay Cottage, Devon

Beach Bay Cottage

A TV show that has caught the nation’s heart, Doc Martin has been running since its pilot in 2004 and the final series will be coming to screens this year. Our pretty Beach Bay Cottage made an appearance in the show a few series back. 

TV shows filmed close to our villas

Your favourite TV show may have been filmed near to our holiday homes – from Game of Thrones to Downton Abbey, many sets were located just a stone’s throw away. Keen to discover the area around the filming locations? Below are the best holiday homes to explore the region. 

Downton Abbey

Boarzell, East Sussex

villas as Filming locations

Britain’s aristocracy at its finest: The historical award-winning TV drama Downton Abbey depicts life in the post-Edwardian era and screened 52 episodes. With filming locations all over the UK, the show has also been filmed in East Sussex – close to our exclusive manor house Boarzell.

Pride and Prejudice/Last of the Summer Wine

Emley Woodhouse, Yorkshire

villas as Filming locations

Both Pride and Prejudice and Last of the Summer Wine were filmed close to our exclusive Manor House Emley Woodhouse in Yorkshire. Enjoy the country-based residence with its charming interior and blooming garden and pretend you’re in your own romantic novel.

Jean de Florette/ Manon des Sources

Maison Orange, Provence-Alpes

villas as Filming locations

Both highly acclaimed French dramas Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources have been filmed close to our secluded farmhouse in the stunning Luberon National Park. If you head to the nearby village Vaugines, you will recognise plenty of movie locations. 

Game of Thrones

Villa Tidzi

Villa Tidzi

Ok, so obviously this super contemporary villa would have looked a little out of place in Game of Thrones, so it doesn’t feature in the blockbuster series, however, it is located just a stone’s throw from Ouzarzate, home to Atlas Studios where much of the series was filmed and nearby sets used as the fictional town of Pentos.


Can’t decide which film and TV sets you’d like to discover yet? Our concierge team is more than happy to help you further with your holiday plans!


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