9. Tobago

Top 10 Caribbean Islands

A true tropical paradise, Tobago is neatly split into a bevvy of beautiful beaches on its western side with a dense, expansive rainforest (the oldest protect one in the world!) on the east. This means you’re sorted for trekking through miles of unspoilt foliage – and maybe even a dip next to a genuine tropical waterfall. Tobago is also particularly famed for its diving thanks to some stunning coral reefs and sunk wrecks, and there’s an abundance of fun things to do including traditional Easter goat racing and an eclectic mix of festivals, including the annual Jazz festival in April.

Best for: Exploring luscious rainforest, Scuba diving & Boat trips and fishing

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6 Responses

  1. Alex Howell

    I love Jamaica, I was in Ocho Rios and the color of the beaches is incredible, there are very quiet and lonely beaches, also in the main area have many services and shops.

  2. Cristian Flores

    Tobago’s natural landscapes are incredible. I believe there are some islands from Mexico that you could include in this list, however, I agree that these also have amazing experiences to live. Great post!

  3. Paulina Garcia

    I really love the Caribbean, I went to Antigua a few years ago and it was simply awesome. I also went to Mexico, I don’t really know if is it part of the Caribbean but Quintana Roo including Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and Tulum were stunning!


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