Calling all eco-warriors! This year, Oliver’s Travels is on a mission to be more sustainable than ever! Times are changing and we all need to work together to be more green. We know how much you care about the environment but sometimes it can seem a bit overwhelming. Little by little, we can all make a difference so here are our top hacks to make your 2020 as easily eco-friendly as possible!

Eat local produce

Eat local produce

When it comes to sustainability, food is something we often gloss over. But the worldwide distribution of food and the wastage caused by restaurants and cafes is a huge contributor to CO2 emissions. An easy way to improve your foodie carbon footprint is to say no to shipped fruits and avoid the foreign food aisle, instead opting for local produce from trustworthy sellers. Eat out less, stick to seasonal produce and pop down to your local farmers market to pick up your fruit and veg there. Or why not try and grow your own? Allotments are a fun and satisfying way to grow your own veg and your green fingers will help you become more green in general! You’ll get fresh and delicious food while cutting down on plastic bags and packaging in the process.

Eco tip: You can even use your leftover peels to make compost in your allotment for a completely zero-waste meal! 

At Oliver’s Travels, we’re all about living like a local. That’s why so many of our luxury villas are within easy access to local markets where you can pick up fresh produce and authentic restaurants where you can support the local community. Choose to be privately catered by a local chef to experience delicious meals made with seasonal vegetables and local ingredients in the comfort of your own villa. Some of our holiday homes even have their own vegetable patches so you can cook up a sustainable storm while you’re away.

Cut down on plastic

Cut down on plastic

Buying local produce is great but sometimes not everything you want is locally grown. For foods such as nuts, rice and grains which aren’t grown in the UK, why not try a whole foods shop instead of your supermarket? Many whole foods stores offer organic produce in bulk that has been ethically grown and does not contain plastic packaging. Take your own container and weigh your food at the store to save the planet from unwanted single-use plastic. And check out Beeswax Wraps kitchenware for storing leftovers!

Other ways to avoid single-use plastics and non-recyclable packaging include: taking your own reusable shopping bags, using reusable bamboo cups in cafes, rejecting free handouts that use non-sustainable materials, avoid cling film and plastic freezer bags and check materials are recyclable before you buy them.

Eco tip: Did you know, even some tea bags contain plastic? Buy loose-leaf tea for a healthier and more planet-friendly cuppa.

Forget fast fashion

Sustainable fashion

The fast fashion industry may seem cost-effective but the results that fast fashion have on the planet are unmistakably negative. Cheap clothes made from man-made materials encourage people to buy en-masse and plastic fibres in synthetic clothes pollute the oceans through every wash. But don’t worry – you can still be an eco-warrior and wear fashionable clothes. Clothing brands such as People Tree support Fair Trade sustainable fashion by using eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, lyocell and responsible wool. Products like these are often handmade and of high-quality meaning they will last a lot longer than fast fashion items. This way you can invest in a sustainable piece of clothing that will last you years, look fashionable and save the planet at the same time. If that’s a bit out of your budget, why not try second-hand stores and vintage shops? You can often find hidden gems among the hangers!

Another way to keep on trend sustainably is to use clothes rental companies. Renting clothes allows you to have a diverse and constantly changing wardrobe without the negatives of fast fashion! Many companies such as Hurr Collective offer glorious designer pieces that are a once in a lifetime wear at an affordable and eco-friendly price! 

Eco tip: Instead of throwing away clothing, take them to the charity shop to be reused or upcycle them into something special such as cushion covers or patchwork quilts!

Help on holiday

Eco friendly holiday

Holidays can cause a lot of ‘green guilt’ but there are some ways to stay eco-friendly on your travels. For those choosing to fly, why not check out some green airlines? Studies have shown that daytime flights can emit less CO2 so choosing your flight time wisely can make a small difference.

Whether you’re going full eco-warrior and taking a staycation or going abroad, why not opt for public transport rather than a car. Rent some bikes and go on family excursions or hop on the train or bus to visit local attractions. Similarly to at home, stick to sustainable living by buying local produce and enjoying the local cuisine! 

Eco tip: Beach days can be sustainable too! Use eco-friendly suncream while you lounge by the sea and be sure to pick up your rubbish before you leave!

Go paperless for the planet 

Go paperless for the planet

Although it’s recyclable, paper has become an unnecessary commodity. Whether you’re at home or at work, you can easily make a difference by going paperless. When at work, think twice before you use the printer, scrap notebooks for online planners and get rid of those sticky notes! When you’re home, avoid make up wipes and cotton pads and instead choose a reusable wash cloth, visit the library or opt for an E-book instead of buying your next read, choose a reusable cloth over kitchen roll and try sustainable wrapping material over gift wrap. Little things like this make a substantial difference to your carbon footprint and they’re actually really easy! 

Easy, right? Now that you’re an eco-warrior through and through, why not have a browse through our eco-friendly holiday homes? Our concierge team are available to help you with your booking so don’t hesitate to contact them with any queries!


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