Food is more than just about survival. In fact, there’s nothing better or more bonding than enjoying a meal around a big table, surrounded by friends and family – or even on a cheeky date! And if you pair your meal with the right wine, that’s when you hit the sweet spot. It’s like winning the jackpot in flavour (if there were such a thing). Although, pairing is easier said than done, especially if you’re a newbie in this realm. That’s where we come in. We adore travelling; discovering different flavours and delicacies. After 10 years+ of trialling and testing, we’ve finally cracked it. And we couldn’t be more excited to share our expertise with our new Food and Wine Pairing Guide.

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A glimpse of what to expect – Food and Wine Tool – Oliver’s Travels

The information you need, at your fingertips!

In a nutshell, we’ve created an interactive map, covering France, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Croatia and the UK and Ireland. Our map will solve any food woes you have about going abroad – let’s face it, good authentic food can be difficult to come by, especially when you don’t know where to begin. Which is why we’ve listed two-three perfect food pairings for each region in every country, showing off the very best food and wine Europe has to offer. We relish the chance to visit Lisbon for an authentic Pastel de Nata, washed down with a few sips of Port. Equally, we wouldn’t turn down a Scottish scotch pie paired with an aged Pinot Noir. And now you won’t be able to resist either.

There are plenty images, to help you visually the delicious food, and we’ve even listed the reasons why we’ve picked the wines as perfect pairings.

We wanted to make the topic of food pairing as exciting as possible, which is why we hope you’ll love our interactive features.

Firstly, we’ve got some quirky ‘Did you know?’ facts. Did you know mayonnaise was invented on Menorca in 1756 by a chef working for the Duke de Richelieu? Or did you know, in 2012, 13 bottles of Bordeaux wines were purchased every second somewhere in the world? Some of these facts are so juicy, you’ll be sharing them with friends, family and colleagues.

You’ll also find quick digestible ‘Regional highlights’. For example, Rhone-Alpes is best known for tartiflette, fondue savoyarde, raclette and nougat. And Umbria is famous for prosciutto crudo, truffles, lentils of castelluccio di norcia. If you’re looking for minimal faff, you’ll take a liking to our highlights. We like to add individuality to everything we do, and this showcases our long holding travel expertise. We’ve poured our soul into our Food & Wine Pairing Guide, and we hope you that once you get a feel for it, you discover a whole new world and experiment with the different pairings.

You may find you’ve tried a few dishes or wines before. But paired together, it’s like tasting the dish for the first time.

Better still, if you want a copy to go, we’ve created a ‘Food and Wine Destination Cheat Sheet’ as well as printable cheat sheets for each destination. Fold them up, pop it in your bag and you’ll never be far away from a good meal.

Hit ‘Get Started’ below and explore our Food and Wine Pairing Guide:

Finally, make the most of your inner foodie on holiday. We know, it’s easy to go for your usual foods or dare we say fast food chains, but you’ll never have to resort to that again. With our help, you’ll get to grips with local cuisine, eat authentically, feel good! We hope you love our food and wine pairing guide, as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

Start planning your next foodie adventure with us today! Our concierge team will help you find the perfect luxury holiday rental.

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