When it comes to style and travel, this girl knows her stuff. Bonnie Rakhit is the former fashion editor for The Sunday Times Style, Grazia and British Elle Magazine, and founded successful blog The Style Traveller in 2013. She’s visited some of the world’s most stylish places, so obviously we were antsy to get her thoughts on the hottest destinations and top tips for how to look great on holiday. Here’s what she had to say:

What are your all-time favourite destinations to relax and recharge?

My favourite destination to relax and recharge is Ibiza. It’s like a home away from home for me. I love Formentera, (reachable by boat from Ibiza) it’s white sand beaches with crystalline waters are akin to those in the Caribbean, but only 2 hrs from London. Making it the perfect weekend escape to get away from it all.

Interview with Award Winning Fashion and Travel Blogger

Let’s talk fashion, where’s the most stylish spot you’ve visited?

You’ll be surprised to know that it isn’t actually one of the major fashion capitals, London, New York, Milan or Paris. It’s actually Tokyo in Japan. This incredible city perfectly juxtaposes ancient customs and culture with the most futuristic and technologically advanced trends. It’s hard to find a single person who isn’t super stylish there, whatever their style tribe. The Harijuku district with its cults and subcultures is inspirational fashion on a whole other level.

We are seeing a big push towards the French Riviera this year. Do you have any style predictions for those lucky people heading off to Cannes and St Tropez?

Heels on the beach! I know it sounds a bit bling and OTT but the ladies in Cannes and St Tropez really do wear them. All in one swimsuits are big this season too, opt for a racy cut out swimsuit and a pair of wedges, accessorised with an oversized woven beach bag and the Olympus Pen Generation camera to capture your Instagram moments, if you really want to fit in with the Fash Pack.


Interview with Award Winning Fashion and Travel Blogger

What are some of your ‘can’t-live-without’ beach accessories?

I have some firm favourites when it comes to beach accessories. A perfectly fitting bikini; Kiini has some great crochet styles, Havaianas have great wedge flip flops; a sarong which doubles up as a towel and a beach throw. I also love my stripe wide leg Seafolly palazzo trousers (as pictured in the above shot), they look great on the beach, at the beach bar and are also comfy on flights.


What are some packing hacks that you swear by?

Pack like a stylist! I always take my outfits directly out of the wardrobe at home, with the hangers still on and lay them flat in the case with one or maybe 2 folds in the middle. When I arrive at my destination I simply take out the ready hung pieces and place them directly into the hotel wardrobe which was recently fixed by experts like wardrobes sunshine coast Home Improvement. This means less time un packing and ironing, which means you’ll have more time by the beach.

Pack a bikini and sarong in your hand luggage, this is useful incase you arrive at the hotel early before check in time, you can still hit the pool. The sarong can also double up as a blanket on the flight.

I often wear a jersey black maxi tube dress on the flight. It’s so versatile; it’s chic and comfortable for travelling in, elegant by the beach and also great in the evening with heels and jewellery.

You can read more about Bonnie’s stylish adventures on her blog, and follow her on instagram @bonnierakhit for daily inspiration. If you’re looking for a fashion-forward escape to Ibiza, or are ready to rock your resort wear in the French Riviera, we’ve got a gorgeous selection of hip villas, chic enough for fashionistas and their entourages.

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