Tuscany family holidays are absolutely perfect for those who have a family of inquisitive minds, playful attitudes and explorer tendencies. While it may be seen as a bit more of a grown-up destination, there’s actually loads of stuff things to do in Tuscany for families, and a whole bunch of events and activities that make a perfect day out.

Take the history of the region for example, from the interactive museums and galleries of Florence to the living history of Lucca’s city walls, Tuscany is a place in which it’s impossible not to learn a little, which is great for inquisitive minds. Having played an important role in Italian, European and world history, Tuscany is just the place to get your kids interacting with Renaissance art and Roman history on a first-hand basis. 

If you’ve got a couple of young’uns that can’t stay still then don’t worry on that account either, because Tuscany is a destination that offers an incredible range of activities. The region is a cyclist’s paradise, and trails, routes, and famous climbs can be found near the majority of our holiday villas. In the rural interior, there’s plenty of opportunities to go hiking, mountaineering, and exploring or to get your hands dirty and try helping out on a farm. Horse riding is also a popular option for children of all ages.

If you’re a family of beach lovers and water babies, then the resorts and nature parks that make up a significant portion of the Tuscan coast will be right up your street! Whether your teens want to give scuba-diving a shot or the whole family fancies kayaking down a gently-flowing river, there’s plenty of opportunities to dive on in and get yourself wet.

Don’t forget that our huge range of villas in Tuscany means that whatever age kids you’ve got, we’ve got the amenities and extras to make your holiday a breeze – everything from babysitters to baby rattles and games and even games console and wifi for older ones. But when you want to get out and about this list will help you out!

The best things to do on a Tuscany family holiday:

1. Wander the vineyards with Walk About Tuscany

Why go: Walking tours and children aren’t always a match made in heaven, but they can be. All you need to ensure the youngsters aren’t bored out of their minds is a patient guide who uses child-friendly lingo and lots of space for the kids to run about. And a castle doesn’t hurt either. At seven kilometres, this child-suitable walking tour around the Chianti vineyards from Walk About Tuscany is manageable for little legs. The whole family will ramble together through vines that are owned by the family behind the famous Chianti recipe. You’ll then head to the gardens of the magnificent Brolio Castle; the historic and imposing structure will capture the imagination of children.

Location: Via Duprè 3 53100 Siena, Italy

Book: Call +39 349 710 3833

Walkabout Tuscany

Walkabout Tuscany

2. Monkey around at Parco Avventura Il Gigante

Why go: One way to keep kids cheery while on holiday is to intersperse regular sightseeing with some more adventurous activities they’re bound to love. Treat them to an afternoon of climbing through the trees at this high ropes course, set in the woods north of Florence. A low-level route with a tunnel and a mini zip-line allow for nippers as young as three to get in on the action. Other more demanding courses, with ascending levels of difficulty, will put older children’s, teenagers’ and even adults’ balance and acrobatic skills to the test.

Location: Via Fiorentina, 276, 50036 Vaglia FI, Italy

Book: Online at Parco Avventura Il Gigante

Parco Avventura Il Gigante - Tuscany

Parco Avventura Il Gigante – Tuscany

3. Whizz around Florence with Italy Segway Tours

Why go: One way to make Florence’s arresting architecture seem more exciting for children is to change the mode of transport. Walking, particularly when it’s aimless, can feel boring and mundane for little ones; flying around on a Segway, however, is much more fun. Plus, you’ll see more in three hours than you could ever possibly see on foot, including Duomo Square, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Baptistery, Uffizi Square and Repubblica Square. Arrange for a private family tour and you’ll have your very own licensed tour guide to provide explanations and information about everything you see, meaning your youngsters might even learn a thing or two. This activity is best suited to slightly older children, as they need to be at least four foot six inches tall and weigh more than 90 pounds.

Location: Various Locations

Book: Online at Italy Segway Tours

Italy Segway Tours - Tuscany

Italy Segway Tours – Tuscany

4. Inspect medieval weapons at Museo Stibbert

Why go: The Uffizi may be revered among art-loving adults, but we’re confident that most people under the age of 16 will prefer this incredible and utterly eccentric private collection. Entrance to this museum includes a guided tour around the rooms of a vast villa where the original owner of the collection, Stibbert, once lived. The rooms now hold a gobsmacking assortment of old weapons (swords, bow and arrows, daggers and more) that will amaze children with even a passing interest in armour and knights, as well as various tapestries, paintings and costumes. The museum makes for a refreshing break for families who have had enough of the Renaissance art, churches and palaces.

Location: Via Federigo Stibbert 26, Firenze, Italy

Book: Call +39055475520

Museo Stibbert - Tuscany

Museo Stibbert – Tuscany



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5.Cool off at Acqua Village

Why go: Few things signal summer more than a day out at a water park, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a child who isn’t keen on water-based fun. If you’re anywhere near the Tuscan coast, it’s definitely worth devoting a day of your holiday to fooling around at the Acqua Village. This large waterpark has two outposts: one in Follonica near Grosseto, the other in Cecina near Livorno. Both are equipped with enough flumes, chutes and pools to entertain your offspring for hours.

Location: via Tevere, 25, 57023, Cecina, Italy

Book: Call +39 0586 622539

Acqua Village - Tuscany

Acqua Village – Tuscany

6. Stalk big cats at the Zoological Garden of Pistoia

Why go: One thing that never fails to raise a smile for kids? Animals. When it comes to furry creatures, children are easily pleased – even a squirrel or sheep will have them squealing with delight. Of course, when the species get a little more exotic, the squeals get even louder! If this hypothesis is true, you may want to cover your ears for the duration of your visit to Pistoia Zoo. Located just outside of Florence, Pistoia is the most popular zoo in the province and is home to more than 400 animals. From the cuddly (alpacas and penguins) to the cheeky (monkeys) to the scary (lions, tigers and bears), creatures of all kinds can be found within these enclosures.

Location: Via Pieve a Celle Nuova 160/a 51100 Pistoia

Book: Online at Zoological Garden of Pistoia

Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia - Tuscany

Giardino Zoologico di Pistoia – Tuscany

7. Conduct experiments at Museo Galileo

Why go: Wannabe scientists will love this kid-centric museum in central Florence, which is filled to the brim with science-related equipment and curios. All manner of ancient scientific, astronomical and mathematical instruments are displayed here, including old telescopes, barometers and clocks. Be on the lookout for the rather grisly exhibit that includes two of Galileo’s own fingers as well as a tooth from the Pisa-born astronomer’s mouth. Aspiring physicists will be tickled pink by the interactive sections, where they can get their little mitts on replica instruments and observe live demonstrations.

Location: Piazza dei Giudici, 1, 50122 Firenze, Italy

Book: Call +39 055 265 311

Museo Galileo - Tuscany

Museo Galileo – Tuscany

Tempted to take the whole clan to Tuscany yet? You can get a few more ideas over on our blog, where you can browse through our most beautiful towns and villages in Tuscany or get tips on ‘must see’ Tuscan places straight from a bunch of well traveled bloggers . If you’re thinking of booking one of our holiday villas, you might want to talk to our helpful concierge team! They can help tailor your rental so it’s perfect for your family, and even help arrange those little extras that make a family holiday extra memorable. Fancy perusing our collection yourself? Head on over to our website!

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