In our second instalment of ‘Oliver’s Book Club’, we asked the team here at Oliver’s Travels HQ what books they’re reading (and loving). We’ve already collected an interesting list of summer reads with the help of our lovely blogger friends, but we’re of the firm belief that there’s no such thing as too many books. Especially if you spend a good portion of your holiday (or just your long commute during summer – ugh) getting lost within the pages of a good book.

Natasja – Marketing Communications Manager

Summer read of choice: Everything I know about love (Dolly Alderton) 

best summer reads everything I know about love

Loved this lighthearted book about Dolly’s take on growing up in your 20’s, juggling everything that life throws at you. She is very witty, sarcastic and honest and all in all, it’s a very easy summer read next to the pool/on the beach with plenty of LOL moments.” Buy the book.


Katie – Customer Services Manager

Summer read of choice: My Brilliant Friend (Elena Ferrante) 

best summer reads My Brilliant Friend

“My Brilliant Friend is the first of The Neopolitan Novels, a four-part series by enigmatic Italian author Elena Ferrante. The series follows the lives, loves and sorrows of Lenù and Lila, two precocious girls growing up in a poor neighbourhood on the outskirts of 50s Naples. Lenù and Lila are simultaneously best friends, sworn enemies, sisters (if not by blood), and fierce rivals. The two women grapple (at times together, at times estranged) with the trials and tribulations of being a girl, becoming a woman, and rebelling against societal expectation. I’ve fallen in love with Ferrante’s style of writing and the way she delves into the intricate complexities of female friendships, and I cannot recommend this series enough.” Buy the book.


Ravi – Big boss man

Summer read of choice: Shoe Dog (Phil Knight) 

best summer reads shoe dog

“Best memoir I have read on a business person. Incredible story of Nike. No ego from Mr Knight and a really honest account of starting from scratch (many of the challenges I could relate to in my little way!). A seriously good holiday read and I remain thoroughly inspired and enthused by the book.” Buy the book.


Stephanie – Wedding Consultant

Summer read of choice: Detour de France (Michael Simkins) 

best summer reads detour de france

Totally in love with this book and Michael is also a friend of mine. The author spent a few months in France to really understand the French culture, and what the British think about the French is truly charming! A very funny, and ideal, book to have when you are visiting France. And a must-read if you love France and want to know more about the French!” Buy the book.


Susanna – Marketing Assistant

Summer read of choice: The Secret History (Donna Tart) 

Secret History Donna Tart books holiday reads

I loved this book because it’s so intriguing even though the pace is pretty slow. Lots of descriptive language, unique characters and a mystery that drives you crazy so you just have to keep reading until you get answers (but you also really enjoy the long winding road to the ending). Also, I love that its set in a very ambiguous internet-free time period when people still used payphones and wrote letters because that just adds to the ambiance. 10/10 ”  Buy the book.


Sophie – Travel Consultant

Summer read of choice: This is going to Hurt (Adam Kay) 

best summer reads this is going to hurt

“Incredibly honest, hilarious and even heartbreaking.” Buy the book.
P.S. Guys, this is the third time this book has been recommended (it was also recommended by two of our blogs on our other list of holiday reads.) So, we’re guessing it must be pretty good.


Andrea – Product Assistant

Summer read of choice: Blindness (Jose Saramago) 

best summer reads blindness

I always recommend this book to everyone I know. It’s about everyone in Barcelona going blind for no apparent reason and being locked up because they thought it was contagious. The book is basically a reflection of what human beings are capable of doing when they are in danger or in desperate situations. I like it because it makes you think about what you would do in that situation, we always say ‘Oh no I would be a good person, I would never do those things’, but, would we be? Are we sure that we would not do the same?”  Buy the book.


Rachael – Senior Content Executive

Summer read of choice: For Tibet, with Love: A Beginner’s Guide to Changing The World (Isabel Losada) 

best summer reads for tibet with love

“This was the perfect combination of warm, funny and thought-provoking… it’s a true story, where the writer was moved to act for the Tibetan cause. It’s all about how one person can make a difference in the world. No matter how small it may seem. It follows her journey from protesting in London and organising a huge PR stunt involving a base-jumping parachutist, through to travelling through Nepal before actually meeting the Dalai Lama in Tibet. It sounds like a super serious read for a holiday, but she writes in such a lighthearted and relatable way, that I couldn’t put it down.” Buy the book.


What do you think of this list – have you read any of these blogs, or do you have any other reading suggestions? Leave us a comment – we’d love to know!  


10 holiday reads recommended by bloggers

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