The UK is celebrated for its charming medieval market towns and luxury cottages, but a lot of us think of them more as nice subjects for a painting than a place to spend our hard-earned holidays. However, if you’re looking for a little slice of history and a large slice of delicious regional cooking with your time off, there’s nowhere better to go – so we’re sharing five of the UK’s best market towns with you.


Middleham Hall - Oliver's Travels

Leyburn Manor, The North East – Oliver’s Travels

Described as the “gateway to the Yorkshire dales”, Bedale is an ideal place to discover the natural wonders of the northeast. However, with winding cobbled streets and boutique shops dotted around the bustling Market Square, the town is also well worth a visit in its own right. At Bedale’s Tuesday market, you’ll find fresh fish, seasonal vegetables and a famous local speciality – Wensleydale cheese. Leyburn Manor gives you a majestic starting point for this distinctly British adventure – complete with a billiards room for any rainy days.


Location: North Yorkshire


Woodell's Cottage, The Cotswolds - Oliver's Travels

Woodell’s Cottage, The Cotswolds – Oliver’s Travels

Right in the heart of the idyllic Cotswolds, this is a town steeped in history that still has a thriving sense of local community. Cirencester is probably most notable for its well-documented Roman history, so trips to the fascinating Corinium Museum and the Roman Amphitheatre are an absolute must for families and history fans alike. The Cirencester Charter Market takes place every other week, with top-quality farm produce and local specialities. Our quintessentially English property Woodell’s Cottage is located just 35 minutes away from the town.

Location: Oxfordshire


Wood Hall Estate, The Lake District - Oliver's Travels

Derwent Garden Estate, The Lake District – Oliver’s Travels

Take a trip through one of Britain’s most captivating areas of natural beauty to find the market town of Keswick. Small but full of character, you can choose between family-friendly adventure centres, eccentric establishments like the Cumberland Pencil Museum or a dramatic performance at Theatre by the Lake. Keswick makes the most of its market square with two offerings a week: on Saturday, a traditional farmer’s market sells a range of local culinary treats, while Thursday hosts a lively craft fair specialising in Made in Cumbria products. Stay on the look out for the world-class beers from Keswick Brewing Company for a truly authentic taste of the Lakes. Our stately Derwent Garden Estate, on the cusp of the Lake District National Park, offers easy access to this hidden gem.

Location: Lake District


Seashell Manor - Cornwall - Oliver's Travels

Seashell Manor – Cornwall – Oliver’s Travels

Helston, considered one of the top towns to live in the Uk, it has a rich history and many events taking place all year ensuring that all members of the community get to know one another which is what makes this friendly town a desirable place for many families. The neighborly energy bounces through town and there are plenty of quirky and characterful pubs, houses, restaurants and entertainment! Seashell Manor is situated less than 1km away so access to the town is easy and there is sure to be a lot going on throughout the year so it is definitely worth a few trips over your stay.

Location: Cornwall


Meadow Manor - Norfolk - Oliver's Travels

Meadow Manor – Norfolk – Oliver’s Travels

Holt is a relatively new town having been burnt down in 1708 and replaced with wonderful Georgian housing. Filled with unusual little shops and quirky pubs, Holt is a rural gem and makes a great place for weekend getaways as there is so much to see and do. The surrounding area is heavily wooded meaning that there are many an afternoon stroll to consider! Or why not rent a bike and make a day of it?

Meadow manor (pictured) sits perched high up on a cliff top so is secluded enough to relax with family and friends. Holt is roughly a 35 minute drive so worth going for a daytrip!

Location: Norfolk

The authenticity of these mansions combined with the great food, little markets and beautiful views make them great Holiday destinations. You can choose from many more cottages and mansions in UK. Have a look at our website or just give our concierge team a call.  

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