Modern life can get a bit too much sometimes and we find ourselves wishing for a dose of me-time. Well, what better way to self-indulge and completely relax than a wellness retreat? Whether you’re a couple, a family or a large group, these wellness villas have the power to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. From yoga studios and spa facilities to Italian cooking lessons and private gyms, these villas will have you de-stressed from the minute you step through the door. 

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So without further ado, here’s the cream of the crop…

La Maison du Voyage, Aquitaine

La Maison du Voyage – Vendee & Charente – Oliver’s Travels

La Maison du Voyage – Vendee & Charente – Oliver’s Travels

The hosts at La Maison du Voyage are incredibly passionate about mental and physical health, so you can rest assured that they will take care of your every need. For starters, they offer holistic sessions that include life coaching, emotional therapy, meditation and so much more. But getting involved is entirely up to you – it’s just another opportunity to learn some new skills to take back home. To take your holiday to the next level, you can also enjoy the culinary delights of a qualified clinical nutritionist. Relish raw gourmet food and enjoy smoothies and juices that will totally revamp your health perspective. La Maison du Voyage one of those special places you just have to visit, and when you do, you’ll never want to leave. 

Sleeps: 8

Prices from: £36pppn ($43pppn)

Highton Manor & Spa Estate, Midlands

Highton Manor Spa & Estate – Oliver’s Travels

Highton Manor Spa & Estate – Oliver’s Travels

An opulent manor from the outside and utopia on the inside. With wellness down to a tee, guests can look forward to energising swims in the gorgeous heated indoor pool, soaks in the jacuzzi and a detox in the sauna room. The owners of Highton Manor have paid attention to the tiny nooks and crannies – which also includes an exercise studio and an inbuilt ‘suite of treats’. The suite is a sweet-scented haven with treatment rooms – yes, qualified therapists are at your disposal. So, what will it be? An aromatherapy massage, mani-pedi or how about some reflexology. 

Sleeps: 48

Prices from: £70pppn ($83pppn)

Villa Leccio, Tuscany 

Villa Leccio – Tuscany – Oliver’s Travels

Villa Leccio – Tuscany – Oliver’s Travels

This beautifully restored 18th-century villa in Tuscany, set on 12 hectares of bucolic countryside just south of Siena, is poised to host unforgettable wellness holidays. In fact, it’s become a regular affair with yogis. The lovely owner is an avid yoga fan, but she also offers photography classes and cooking lessons. The estate is grand, quiet and secluded, so it offers that tranquillity you’ve so desperately been craving. Inside, you’ll find a blend of rustic-chic decor that adorns the nine bedrooms, all of which have en-suite bathrooms. The exteriors are equally as lush, featuring a sparkling pool and outdoor lounge spaces that make this the go-to country retreat.

Sleeps: 18

Prices from: £72pppn ($85pppn)

Villa Fassio, Tuscany

Villa Fassio – Siena -Oliver’s Travels

Villa Fassio – Siena -Oliver’s Travels

Time and time again, our guests choose Villa Fassio for an escape from the hustle and bustle. Plotted on an untouched area of land, you’ll relish the 360-degree views of Tocchi and Merse Reserves. This villa has heaps to offer; you can learn or expand your knowledge on a yoga course, cooking courses and astronomical observations. The surrounding gardens are all organic, but what you will find are three Roman pools – each maintained at different temperatures so you can experience all the senses. And when all is said and done, relax at the on-site movie theatre with a big glass of red.

Sleeps: 16-27

Prices from: £133pppn ($158pppn)

Villa Kissonerga, Paphos

Villa Kissonerga – Paphos – Oliver’s Travels

Villa Kissonerga – Paphos – Oliver’s Travels

Perhaps Villa Kissonerga will take your fancy. Eco-friendly and close to Coral Bay Beach, this villa has the ingredients of a remarkable holiday. Not only will your surroundings look magnificent, they’ll smell divine too. The lemon and orange trees add a pop of colour but they’re also great antioxidants, so pick a ripe lemon and squeeze half into hot water to kick-start your mornings. The infinity pool is a primal spot any time of the day – before you know it half a day has gone and you’re a happy shrivelled prune. Also at your disposal is a gym, sauna, squash court and tennis court.

Sleeps: 10

Prices from: £74pppn ($88pppn)

Chateau Saint-Clair, Normandy

Chateau Saint-Clair – Normandy – Oliver’s Travels

Chateau Saint-Clair – Normandy – Oliver’s Travels

 A woodland fairytale, Chateau Saint-Clair is as rich in culture as it is quirky. From the outside looking in, you would never expect to find the indoor heated pool underneath this abode. And it’s not just any pool, it’s been expertly carved out of rock foundations. It’s a blissful secret you’ll love exploring. Alongside the pool are a sauna, shower room and your very own bar! That’s the ultimate marriage if you ask us. If that wasn’t enough, tennis, walking, cycling, river-boating and amateur fishing are all possible on the estate. This stunning estate is the epitome of tranquillity.

Sleeps: 24

Prices from: £103pppn ($122pppn)

Villa Avgusta, Istria

Villa Venera – Istria – Oliver’s Travels

Villa Avgusta – Istria – Oliver’s Travels

Villa Avgusta is located in a charming waterside spot overlooking the tranquil blue sea. This beauty will make anyone stop in their tracks and better still, it’s a one-stop shop for anyone looking to relax. The outdoor pool and hot tub offer incredible sea views as you soak up the sun while the two saunas are the perfect place to sit back and indulge. It’s also a fitness fanatics dream; there’s a treadmill, exercise bike, weights and an elliptical trainer. After a day of pure rejuvenation, sit, unwind and dine using the barbecue in the outdoor dining area.

Sleeps: 10

Prices from: £57pppn ($68pppn)

Chateau Gastebois, Dordogne

Chateau Gastebois - Dordogne - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Gastebois – Dordogne – Oliver’s Travels

Perched above the Dropt River for over 400 years, Chateau Gastebois ticks all the right boxes, including a private swimming pool, a tennis court and impressive yoga facilities. This villa is a fabulous choice for families or groups of friends that want more than wellness. Here it’s all about balance and reconnecting with yourself and your loved ones. Not only is the estate a designated nature reserve (ideal for bird watching) but guests also have the option of wine tasting at the house every Monday night. The outdoor living area is ideal for socialising, entertaining and dining. And as the sun sets you’ll be exposed to the beautiful views over 100 acres of gardens, woodlands, and tended grounds.

Sleeps: 16

Prices from: £48pppn ($57pppn)

The Apple Tree, Berkshire

The Apple Tree House - Berkshire - Oliver's Travels

The Apple Tree House – Berkshire – Oliver’s Travels

We could all use a wellness holiday, so why not bring the whole family along – including the pooch. The Apple Tree perfectly caters to you, little ones and furry friends. Similar to a hotel, the house has a service manager that will check you in and show you the ropes – but you’ll still have the intimacy of a villa holiday. The outdoor hot tub is the ultimate stress release but you’ve been warned – it’s only operation from April through to September. So you’ll have to plan your dates in advance. 

Sleeps: 14

Prices from: £46pppn ($55pppn)

Villa Michaela, Santorini

Villa Michaela – Santorini – Oliver’s Travels

Villa Michaela – Santorini – Oliver’s Travels

A short car journey from the capital of Fira lies the zen oasis that is Villa Michaela. Relaxation here has no bounds, and it all begins with the surrounding impressive views of volcanos and castles. It then continues into the basement that boasts a spa room with indoor heated jacuzzi. The outside is equally as serene and the private pool area is the perfect spot to soak it all up with a good book by your side. 

Sleeps: 8-10

Prices from: £132pppn ($157pppn)

*Prices correct at time of publishing

Have you heard about our Spa Service? We’re now offering our customers the chance to put their feet up and indulge in a moment of me-time at our UK properties. Sounds dreamy right? If you need any extra information don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Concierge Team or check out our top spa breaks in the UK.


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