Volcanic skylines, distinctive architecture and the most welcoming locals of all, Lanzarote is no doubt the place to be. So, to help show off the island for all its glory, we’ve turned to our favourite local in the region to get the lowdown of her beautiful island home.

Amanda is the owner of Morpheus Properties and she has taken some time out from her busy schedule to bring you an authentic guide to Lanzarote. Olé

1. What makes you an expert in the region? 

I’ve been living in Lanzarote for the last 14 years. My mother first came to the island about 30 years ago to start off the Thomson Holidays programme, so naturally, my family and I began to come to Lanzarote more often. Now years later, I run my own villa management company on the island.

2. Why should people travel to your region?

Lanzarote attracts all kinds of people but in particular those of a creative nature. But what makes the island so special (at least to me) is that the mountains look different every day depending on the weather. And in the spring they are covered in wildflowers – such a beautiful sight to see.

Mountains in Lanzarote

Mountain scenery, Lanzarote

3. And what makes people come back time and time again?

There is a great sense of space here. That’s probably down to the fact that there are very few high rise buildings but rather small white bungalows. And of course, the next to nothing traffic is also a bonus.

4. Summarise the region for us in three words!

Stunning, tranquil and spiritual.

5. Have you had any famous visitors or well-known events (historical or otherwise) take place in the region?  

When David Cameron was PM he came to the island twice. He loves to surf and what better place than Famara Beach eh? And perhaps more of interest, Chris Hemsworth stayed in one of my villas whilst he was filming in El Golfo (Moby Dick) – my claim to fame.

Famara Beach guide to Lanzarote

Famara Beach, Lanzarote

6. Time for some travel inspiration – can you give us your recommendations on:

The first thing to do – go for some tapas at any seafront restaurant and have a glass of delicious local wine.

What’s your favourite restaurant? My favourite restaurant is Bogavante in El GolfoThe food is delicious, mostly consisting of seafood and paella but they also stock all the local Lanzarote wines. They are open from 12 pm till 9 pm so you can eat whenever you like and stay to watch the sunset, perfect!

If you had to choose the best activity, what would you pick? Lanzarote attracts plenty of cyclists due to the good all year round weather and the variety of terrain. So, if you’re up for it, then what better way to see the island than by bike. Alternatively, there are many boat excursions to take in the stunning coastline. The catamaran from Puerto Calero is great fun.

The best activities and things to do for families? A visit to Rancho Texas is a must. They have sea lions, birds of prey, dolphins, crocodiles and much more, as well as a small water park. It’s a win-win for everyone and you may even find texas Themed Gifts for your loved ones at home.

Rancho Texas, Lanzarote

Credit: Rancho Texas, Lanzarote

7. What would your perfect day in the area comprise of?

One of my favourite places is Arrieta. When I have a day off and the weather is just right, I like to go up there for some R&R on the beach and then have some tapas in the chiringuito. They play good music and their food is tasty and cheap.

Well, I hope that’s given you an insight into Lanzarote and all its offerings. In the meantime, have a read of our top 10 villas in Lanzarote and if you need any help give our concierge team are always on hand to help.


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