At Oliver’s Travels, we specialise in quirky, unconventional and extravagant experiences that linger in your mind forever. Granted, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t retire in the Maldives but still, we believe everyone deserves a little taste of the high-life.

We know, the thought of flashy cars, stupidly expensive watches and asking for the bill at The Ritz is incredibly daunting, but with some savvy saving and a little sacrifice, a luxury lifestyle is well within arms reach. That’s why we’ve compiled the Ultimate Luxury List rounding up the most luxurious experiences around the world.

The  List includes little luxuries such as dining at a Michelin starred restaurant, to bigger treats like flying first class and the uber-luxurious experiences including hiring your own private island.  It’s time for a plan of action with our top money saving tips infographic

Do you want to add a little more luxury to your life?

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes experiences like wine tasting in the South of France or an African safari can seem near impossible. But in reality, you can have that and so much more.

All it takes is diligence, and cutting down on the money you spend on Deliveroo, coffees, Ubers, the weekly Ocado shop and that gym membership you’ve never used. Take another look at our Ultimate Luxury Bucket List below for more inspiration on how to add more luxury into your life, and discover our very best tips and tricks that will help make your dreams a reality. 

The Ultimate Luxury Bucket List - Oliver's Travels


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