From the Apuan Alps, down to the foothills and the undulating landscape of the region’s heartlands, all the way to the coast, Tuscany has an enormous amount to offer anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. Whether it’s hiking, cycling, sailing, scuba-diving, horse riding, or kayaking, the area’s diverse natural heritage means the environment is well-suited to a wide range of activities.

From the arts of Florence to the hills of Montepulciano, you’ll never be short of gorgeous places to stay on your Tuscan villa holiday. Have a look at our quick guide below to see where tickles your tastebuds…

Our quick and easy guide to the best places to stay in Tuscany:


florence tuscany

Known as the ‘Cradle of the Renaissance’ Florence is an alluring destination full of world-class art and architectural masterpieces. And with the whole of the city centre being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you know you’re in for a treat. The city is also replete with fantatsic restaurants and cool bars (make sure to try bistecca fiorentina – Florentine steak – while you’re here) and to the other side of the river to the Piazzale Michelangelo for incredible elevated views over the whole city.

Lucca & Pisa

lucca tuscany

An easy day trip to or from Florence, these charming little spots are great to explore – from the famous leaning tower of Pisa to the incredibly well-preserved medieval walls surrounding Lucca. Everybody goes to Pisa to snap a pic beside the tower, but don’t leave without heading inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The structure truly is a masterpiece of religious construction and is a wonder to behold.


montepulciano tuscany

A medieval hilltop town in southern Tuscany, Montepulciano boasts incredible architecture, grand Renaissance palaces, stunning views over the surrounding valleys, and of course the famous Nebile wine. Wander the charming historic squares before finding one of the wine cellars underneath the palazzos to taste a glass or two, or shop at awesome little artisan shops selling unique handmade wares.

San Gimignano

Alley in old town San Gimignano Tuscany Italy

With a skyline like no other, San Gimignano is well-known for its medieval architecture – 14 towers rise above the hills to create this unique horizon. Wander the pathways, soak up the history, listen to classical musicians playing in the streets, and cool down with some gelato at the world-famous Gelateria di Piazza.


siena tuscany

Vibrant streets lined with boutique shops, quaint cafes and decadent pastry shops; Siena is a beautiful spot in central Tuscany. Step back in time as you stroll amongst the Gothic architecture, through the museums and inside the awe-inspiring cathedral. The historic centre is also chock-full of amazing little trattorias. Make sure to try the city’s famous penne alla fiesolana pasta with prosciutto crudo, peas and béchamel sauce, or delicious malfatti dumplings made with spinach and ricotta cheese.

There we have it – our quick and easy guide to the best places to stay in Tuscany! Ready to find your perfect Tuscan villa? We’ve got an incredible collection of villas in the region, whether you’re looking for hillside holiday homes, rural countryside retreats or ones that are only a short walk to a nearby local village! Unless you’re up for some urban exploration, check out our apartments in Florence.

If you’re struggling to choose, our concierge team not only help you find the place for you and your group but will also help organise any added extras, such as private chef meals and fridge stocking!

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