Ibiza wears many hats. Clubbers’ paradise, stylish celebrity hangout, agrotourism destination de jour. Kiddie-friendly holiday hotspot? Yes, that too. Shrug off your preconceptions: families travelling to the island will find it’s supremely easy to spend a few weeks here without ever being subjected to blaring Balearic beats. In fact, the island’s culture, countryside and family activities provide tons of daytime fun for all ages and stages.

Pick a luxurious family-friendly villa and make that a base for you and your progeny. When the sun shines, which is more often than not, you’ll find plenty to keep little people amused. As soon as the villa door swings behind you, Ibiza’s family-friendly activities become apparent: gentle waters beckon burgeoning swimmers; water parks spark a twinkle in youthful eyes, and medieval fortifications and smugglers caves drive young imaginations into overdrive. 

Our guide to family-friendly Ibiza:

1. Discover your own private beach

Photo courtesy of Federico Capoano – Casa Pescadores in Cala Comte

There are certain beaches on Ibiza – we will name no names! – that are going to be packed with people no matter the time of day. If you’re looking to get away from the bustle, beach-bars and all-pervasive whiff of bronzer, Ibiza’s got plenty of hidden coastal gems if you’re happy to head out and explore.

Try Cala Llentrisca (on the south-west side of the island, just past Es Cubells) for a spot of off-the-beaten-track tranquillity, or stake a claim on your very own bay at the secluded Sol d’en Serra, which can be found near the far more popular beach of Cala Llonga. Of course, you could always just hop in the car (if you’re holidaying in Ibiza, chances are you’ll hire one) and strike off to find your own stretch of sun-soaked shoreline, or there’s the popular and family-friendly beaches of Portinatx if you’re happy to be closer to shops and amenities with the trade-off of having more people about. 

2. The Cap Blanc Aquarium

Cap Blanc Aquarium Ibiza

Cap Blanc Aquarium Ibiza

Many kids are fascinated by the strangeness of undersea life. Even if they haven’t got aspirations to be a marine biologist when they’re older, kids of any age will doubtless be fascinated by a visit to the Cap Blanc Aquarium. Found just outside of San Antonio, the aquarium is unique in that its main exhibit is a gigantic natural cave topped by a series of walkways – visitors can get a unique look at a huge range of Mediterranean wildlife in their natural environment!

Better yet, there’s a terraced bar outside for the kids to take a breather from all that excitement while the grown-ups enjoy a well-earned drink and the fantastic views.

Location: Ctra. de Cala Gració, s/n, 07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Balears, Spain

3. Get on your bike with Bicicletas Kandani

Cycling is one of the best ways to explore with kids. Not only does it give them a sense of control (something most children delight in) but it also allows them to indulge their curiosities. Schedule in a private tour with Bicicletas Kandani at a time convenient to you and set off on a 20-kilometre route around trails near Santa Eulalia. Gradients are gentle (so little legs won’t get overstretched) and the route is circular (so you’ll never see the same view twice). The view from the saddle isn’t half-bad either: you’ll ride by an ancient oil mill and several beaches, and will also be treated to superb vistas of Santa Eulalia. Another bonus for parents: after a day of pedalling, the kids are bound to be worn out that evening, which means bedtime will be easy.

Location: C/ Cesar Puget Riquer nº 27 – 07840 Santa Eulària des Riu, Ibiza

Book: Email info@kandani.es or call +34971339264.

4. Visit the birthplace of myths and legends

Ibiza Sunset - Photo @Josep Xamonich

Ibiza Sunset – Photo @Josep Xamonich

Es Vedrà is, without doubt, the most impressive natural landmark in Ibiza. Rising out of the sea some 1.5 miles off the south-westerly coast, the best views of this uninhabited islet can be found at Cala D’Hort beach (time your visit carefully though – it can get a bit busy!) and it makes for a wonderful place to watch the sunset if you can keep the kids up that long.

Still, at any time of day you can have the kids enthralled by all the stories and legends associated with Es Vedrà. It reputedly has weird magnetic properties (science has proved otherwise, but it’s still a good story) and is widely believed to be the home of the Sirens that attempted to dash Odysseus’s ship on the rocks. It’s the setting for one of Ibiza’s most famous folk tales concerning a giant, two brothers and a host of friendly sea urchins, and over the years has picked up a bit of a reputation for being a UFO hotspot – so keep an eye on the skies!

5. Grab something groovy at Es Cana’s hippy market

Hippy Market Ibiza

Hippy Market Ibiza – Photo @Ronald Saunders

The Johnny-come-latelys with their dance music and Ray-Bans are just the latest in a long line of pilgrims to Ibiza’s shores. Since the early 1960s, the island has been a popular destination with artists and free thinkers, and it’s a legacy expressed perfectly by Es Cana’s weekly hippy market.

Each Wednesday in El Cana (on Ibiza’s eastern shoreline), the Punta Arabí district of town is taken up by hundreds of stalls selling a range of home-made clothes, art and gifts, often accompanied by the strains of live music. Full of hustle, bustle, life and bargains, it’s a great place to kill and hour or two eyeing up eclectic wares, and kids will be mesmerised by the huge range of eye-catching trinkets and clothes on offer.

Location: Avinguda Punta Arabí, s/n, 07840 es Canar, Illes Balears, Spain


6. Stretch those little legs with Walking Ibiza

If you think walking tours aren’t for kids, you just haven’t found the right one. What would-be adventurer can resist the promise of a real-life pirate tower? That’s the destination of this private half-day walking and kayaking tour, which takes a family-oriented approach. Guides endeavour to keep kids engaged during the walk with a nature-focused treasure hunt that treads the line between educational and entertaining. What’s more, they know that when it comes to keeping kids interested, delivery is super important, which is why you can expect to hear some pirate lingo being used. After around two hours of walking, you and your family will hop into kayaks to check out secret caves and a billionaire’s island, eventually paddling ashore at the beach. Snorkelling and swimming stop-offs prevent boredom from creeping in.

Book: Online at www.walkingibiza.com, email toby@walkingibiza.com or call +34608692901 or 08000885499 from the UK.

7. Enrol your kids in a Minibiza workshop

These workshops are a fantastic way to keep small hands busy and young minds engaged. Minibiza was founded with pint-sized people in mind, and it shows. Not only does Minibiza, which is run by two mothers, offer babysitting services, but they also host workshops in art, cookery, gardening and even yoga, allowing children to let their creative energies loose. Younger kids whose burgeoning motor development and coordination skills aren’t up to performing a downward dog can take part in baby and toddler-friendly experiences instead, such as a fruit workshop during that allows them to experiment with textures and tastes. Alternatively, kids can simply play in Minibiza’s specially-adapted garden space.

Location: Club de Campo Sa Carroca Carretera de San José, km. 2

Book: Email  mh@miniibiza.com.

8. Ride a wave at Surf House Ibiza

Budding beach bums can get in some practice at this fun artificial surf wave. With an easy and constant flow, the Flowrider is ideal for little ones to find their surf legs in a safe environment. Kids will receive either a bodyboard or surfboard, depending on their size, and an instructor will brief them on safe board techniques before they give it a go. Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, so you’ll have to join them for the session. Wipeouts are a given and emerging from the fun utterly waterlogged is inevitable. Luckily, the surrounding sun loungers are an ideal spot to dry off. Re-energise with drinks and snacks from the on-site restaurants and watch other wannabe surfers getting to grips with their board.

Location: Camí des Molí,10 Sant Antoni de Portmany 08720 (Ibiza)

Book: Email bookings@surfhouseibiza.com or just drop by.

9. Cruise the seas with Mamboats

Mamboats Charters Ibiza

Chartering a boat is a brilliant way to spend a day and an activity both beleaguered parents and little dynamos are sure to dig so small group private charters can be a great option for the family. From the deck, you’ll be treated to views of the western coast and Es Vedrà, that photogenic chunk of rock so frequently plastered across Ibiza postcards and souvenirs. Snorkelling masks and flippers, as well as other water sports gear, is stocked on board, so the kids can burn off excess steam. Family snack packs, juices, soda and water will help keep the hunger grumps at bay, while kid-size life jackets and impact vests ensure they remain safe. And with a fully qualified staff member on board to steer the day-long adventure, parents are free to simply kick back and enjoy quality family time. Family sunset cruises are also available. They drop anchor in front of Café Mambo where you can witness the spectacular end-of-day skies for which San Antonio is so well known.

Location: Mamboats Charters, Cafe Mambo, San Antonio Bay, Ibiza

Book: Email info@mamboats.com or call +447535596533.



10. Learn about sustainable living at Casita Verde

If you’re looking for ways to educate your children on holiday, this ecology and education centre located in a typical Ibicencan ‘finca’ (farm) is just the ticket. It opens up to the public on Sundays with the goal of demonstrating to visitors how they can implement a greener lifestyle. Show your kids the house made of bottles and recycled materials, explain how alternative energies like solar and wind function and let them expend any excess energy in the play area. You can also tuck into a healthy vegetarian lunch together at the farm.

Location: Roughly equidistant from the towns of San José, San Antonio and San Rafael on Ibiza island. The best is to use the Google Maps location.

Book: Opened to the public only on Sundays, from 2pm to 7pm. For all other visits you would require a booking, so call +34 971 187353 or email info@casitaverde.com. 

So, there we have it – our guide to family-friendly Ibiza. And if you need a family-friendly place to stay, don’t forget we’ve got a huge range of luxury villas in Ibiza to choose from! Too busy for a leisurely browse? Head to our site and contact our dedicated concierge team, who are happy to do the legwork for you!

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