As the peak holiday season fast approaches, we asked families in Britain to reveal their biggest bad habits on holiday. It turns out you enjoy doing some pretty, um, interesting things. Let’s see…

We’ve polled over 400 families across the UK to lift the lid on Britain’s family holiday habits:

30% of adults admit to willfully eating and drinking to excess

After spending weeks denying yourself from your favourite foods and forcing yourself to get beach body ready before your summer holidays, it might be unsurprising to some Brit’s that we seem to try our hardest to undo all the hard work the minute we get away.

However, over 30% of Britain’s adults surveyed say their number one holiday guilty pleasure is over eating and drinking seriously and to go out of their way to over indulge. After all, we work hard for our holidays so why not go all out? It also appears to be noon somewhere, right?

Over 10% admit to enjoying alcohol before noon

Over 10% of us admit to drinking alcohol before noon but all this excess seems to come at a price as 28% of respondents said they enjoyed sleeping in extra late to recover from their over indulgences.

Over 40% of adults admit to stealing a souvenir from their lodgings

We’ve also uncovered the shocking truth that Britain’s love to take home a souvenir from where they stay when asked the naughtiest thing they have done on holiday. Over 40% of adults admit to some form of “permanent borrowing”.

25% of Britain’s kids deliberately avoid using sunscreen

We asked our respondent families what the naughtiest things our kids have done and the answers ranged from the most likely heart-stopping “ran off and was not found for 20 minutes” & “went off cleaning with the Greek cleaning lady” to the almost obligatory deliberately kicking sandcastles over. However, the naughtiest things Britain’s kids do on holiday are that 25% of children admit to deliberately avoiding wearing sunscreen, to the overall winner being jumping in the pool to splash people, with a whopping 40%.

Over 20% of adults admitted to having a liaison with strangers

Over 20% of adults admitted to having a liaison with a stranger and almost 10% admitted having left a meal without paying the bill. However, you might be relieved to know that when it comes to the absolute taboo of peeing in the swimming pool, it seems only 7% of us admit to that. But don’t swallow this fact without knowing that over 30% of Brit’s surveyed admit to peeing in the sea instead.

45% say Shhhh to Loud people; voted the most annoying type of people to be around on holiday

Finally, We asked people what the most annoying type of person to be around on holiday was. The result was overwhelmingly united with over 56% of us saying that loud, flashy and rude people on holiday were simply the worst.

Our co-founder Oliver said “It is clear from this survey data that as a nation, we love to enjoy ourselves on holiday. That said, the well-worn phrase; “what happens on holiday, stays on holiday” might actually be something that bears more credibility than just a jokingly used phrase thrown into a conversation with a nudge and wink. We wanted to find out what people love to do when relaxing but also what they would actually admit to doing that you might not tell the kids about. Some of what was revealed certainly would not make the Overheard in Waitrose comments section”

OK, now that we’ve revealed our bad habits pleasures, tell us, what are your bad habits on holiday?

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