Few places hold the intricate history and charm of Northern France. Renowned for its lush pastures, green forests and lively farmlands – this tranquil region will leave you in awe as you escape the daily grind for a well-deserved break. Enjoy the bliss and beauty all year round at one of our luxury villas in Northern France.

1. Chateau De Jonquier, Normandy

Chateau de Jonquier - Normandy - Oliver's Travels

Chateau de Jonquier – Normandy – Oliver’s Travels

A unique union of a modern New York design, with classic French elegance, you’ll soon see why this chic 17th-century chateau has been featured on the front page of Maison Normandes and Elle Decor. The stylish social areas are so beautiful and have been designed to relax whilst admiring the pretty banks of the Seine. If you fancy exploring further afield, you can borrow a bicycle and roam through the countryside, or even opt for a day of golf, or simply exploring the bakeries and markets of the local villages.

Sleeps: 16

Prices from: £51pppn

2. Le Cocon, Brittany

Le Cocon – Brittany – Oliver’s Travels

Looking for a romantic escapade? Le Cocon is the perfect place to unwind with that special someone. During your stay, spend time basking in the beautiful gardens outside and evenings cosied up by the glow of the fireplace. Not forgetting that you can embark on a little adventure with a romantic stroll to the local village where you’ll discover a few bars and delightful eateries. 

Sleeps: 2

Prices from: £22pppn

3. Chateau Belle Vie, Picardy and Nord-Pas-de-Calias


Chateau Belle Vie – Picardy – Oliver’s Travels

If you’re all about celebrating ‘la belle vie’, this is the chateau for you. As the name quaintly suggests, our guests will have a rip-roaring holiday at Chateau Belle Vie, which is exactly what owners past and present intended. Besides the elegance that oozes from this chateau, there are also entertaining touches like table tennis, an indoor trampoline room, and a snooker room.

Sleeps: 26

Prices from: £20pppn

4. Domaine Du Pont Farmhouse, Normandy

Domaine Du Pont - Normandy - Oliver's Travels

Domaine Du Pont – Normandy – Oliver’s Travels

The fascinating past of this chateau is very much present today with exteriors untouched since the 16th-century. Once a safe house for aristocrats during the French Revolution and then used in the resistance during World War II, you’ll get an authentic slice of French history. Now refined for a more tranquil existence, Domaine Du Pont has hosted iconic guests such as the Aga Khan and the Dalai Lama. This farmhouse is the perfect combination of luxury with a twist.

Sleeps: 10

Prices from: £23pppn

5. Chateau Lignol, Brittany

Chateau Lignol - Brittany - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Lignol – Brittany – Oliver’s Travels

You’ll be taken back by the French charm of this tucked away chateau in the Breton farmland. Inside, the open spaces of the salons and kitchen are dotted with an eclectic hand-picked selection of candles, fabrics and salvaged stage pieces for a unique style that is more than picture worthy.

Sleeps: 10

Prices from: £36pppn

6. Chateau de Jaques, Champagne

Chateau De Jaques - Champagne - Oliver's Travels

Chateau De Jaques – Champagne – Oliver’s Travels

The renowned landscape architect Le Notre designed these fabulous gardens across 10 lush hectares, wooded grounds and the private chapel of this 17th-century monument. The resident owners are on hand to share their local knowledge or even to prepare meals so you can spend your break completely carefree. 

Sleeps: 32

Prices from: £17pppn


7. Maison Meneac, Brittany 

Maison Meneac - Brittany - Oliver's Travels

Maison Meneac – Brittany – Oliver’s Travels

Stunning William Morris tapestries grace the walls of this picturesque holiday home. And accompanying this, an earthy colour palette that creates a stunning visual harmony with its  history that you can soak in every moment of your stay. 

Sleeps: 8

Prices from: £14pppn

8. Chateau Boumont, Paris Region

Chateau Boumont - Paris Region - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Boumont – Paris Region – Oliver’s Travels

This astonishing property is a landmark in itself. Chateau Boumont has been a destination for royalty and a venue of choice for numerous high-end events and ceremonies. This property is available only for exclusive hire with dedicated services including coordinators, chef, butler, concierge, and maid!

Sleeps: 27

Prices from: POA

9. La Tour, Champagne 

La Tour - Normandy - Oliver's Travels

La Tour – Normandy – Oliver’s Travels

This tower in Normandy is a truly unique place for a couple or small family seeking a one of a kind experience. Located in the quiet village of Côte Fleurie in between the popular resort of Deauville and the historic port of Honfleur, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained with a casino, a tennis court, riding stables and an array of charming bistros for you budding foodies.

Sleeps: 5

Prices from: £40pppn

10. Chateau des Temps, Champagne 

Chateau des Temps - Champagne - Oliver's Travels

Chateau des Temps – Champagne – Oliver’s Travels

This luxury villa in Northern France has been restored to maintain its unique 17th-century charm with features including a stunning carved marble fireplace, ancient tapestries, and oak floors. A unique timely aura still resonates here, but nonetheless, you won’t miss out on your comforts as this chateau comes fully equipped with modern amenities. If you can tear yourself away from this fairytale holiday home, there’s the chance to spend days leisurely exploring the beautiful villages and neighbouring vineyards. 

Sleeps: 10-20

Prices from: £24pppn

These are just a few of our luxury villas and chateaux! We’ve got plenty more to choose from, so take your pick. You can give your escape that extra oomph by personalising your holiday with our concierge service!

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