From Scotland to Spain: The Most Picturesque Golf Destinations in Europe

Guest contribution by Jordan Fuller of Golf Influence

Welcome, avid golfers and travel enthusiasts! If you’re on the hunt for your next golfing adventure, you’re in for a treat. Europe, with its diverse landscapes and rich history, hosts some of the world’s most picturesque and challenging golf courses. 

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, alone or together, for a short stay or a lengthy trip, it’s worth swinging your clubs in some of these beautiful spots (and staying in one of our luxury villas!). From the rugged Scottish Highlands to the sunny shores of Spain, let’s embark on a journey through the most coveted golf destinations in Europe.

1. Spain: Sun-Drenched Splendor

Our journey begins in the vibrant lands of Spain, more precisely on the Costa del Sol. Known affectionately as the “Costa del Golf,” this region is a paradise for golfers, with over 70 courses nestled along its sun-kissed Mediterranean coastline. Marbella shines as a beacon of luxury, where high-end golf courses meet opulent resorts. 

Not far behind, Andalusia captivates visitors with its blend of culture and golf. The region’s diverse terrain, from Cadiz to Sevilla, offers a backdrop of historical Spanish architecture and an always-exciting golfing experience, making every round immersive and loaded with culture as well as great golfing moments. 

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2. Portugal: Pristine Fairways 

Crossing into Portugal, the Algarve region greets us with its golden beaches and pristine fairways. With more than 30 golf courses, including the illustrious Monte Rei and Penina Golf Resort, the Algarve is a golfer’s haven, offering courses that cater to all skill levels.

A stone’s throw from the capital, the Lisbon Coast melds the charm of Portuguese culture with the thrill of seaside golf. The Atlantic Ocean’s breezy conditions present a challenge, keeping you on your toes, so you have to pull out all the stops to get a good score. Whichever course you choose, you’ll have a memorable golfing experience. 

Stay here: Miradouro Monte | Comporta Onyria | Casa Ade

3. Scotland: Timeless Greens 

No golfing odyssey would be complete without paying homage to Scotland, the birthplace of golf. The Scottish Highlands beckon with historic courses like St. Andrews, offering golfers a chance to tread the same grounds as the legends of years gone by. 

The region’s dramatic landscapes serve as a natural obstacle course, adding an extra layer of challenge to your game. Links courses abound here, but that’s part of the enjoyment—this is golf at its roughest but its finest. 

It’s impossible not to be moved by the richness of history in these courses. And, of course, you’ll also get to try out some of the country’s finest whiskey in the clubhouse after your round, so go prepared for a unique experience from start to finish. 

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4. Diverse Terrains of Italy, Turkey, and Ireland 

Venturing into the Mediterranean, Sicily‘s rugged landscapes and coastal views offer a golfing experience like no other. The island’s courses are a testament to the beauty of golfing in Italy, where history and nature intertwine.

The Turkish Riviera, especially around Belek (east of Antalya), is a newer entrant to the European golf scene but has quickly established itself with luxury resorts and championship courses that rival the best in the world.

Lastly, Southwest Ireland and Wales offer golfing experiences that are deeply rooted in tradition and natural beauty, very similar to Scotland. Ireland’s links courses, such as Ballybunion and Lahinch, are set against the wild Atlantic, while Wales offers hidden gems like Royal Porthcawl and Celtic Manor, providing a serene and challenging game. 

Stay here:

Italy: Villa Laguna | Villa Sartino | Casa Splendida

Turkey: Villa Pasha | Villa Nisan | Villa Mayis

Ireland: Kerry Manor House | Kinsale Hall | County Meath Castle

5. Greece: A Mythical Setting 

Greece, with its storied history and breathtaking landscapes, might not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of golf, but it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. 

The Costa Navarino in the Peloponnese region is a testament to Greece’s rising fame in the golfing sphere. Here, golfers are treated to not one but four world-class courses, each offering stunning views of the Ionian Sea and a blend of challenging and rewarding play. 

The warm Greek hospitality and the exquisite Mediterranean cuisine make the experience even more memorable. Costa Navarino is a perfect example of how golf and luxury can coexist in harmony with nature and history. 

It’s not the only amazing golfing experience in Greece, though. There are 9 courses in total across the country, including one 9-hole course if you’re looking for something a little shorter and sweeter. 

Stay here: Villa Fioretta | Villa Mirtenis | Kalathos Galazio

6. France: Where Wine Meets the Fairways 

Moving northward, France‘s golf scene is as diverse as its landscapes. With over 800 golf courses scattered throughout the country, it comes third behind England and Germany for housing the most courses in Europe. 

From the windswept links of Normandy to the sun-drenched courses of the French Riviera, the country offers a rich tapestry of golfing experiences for all kinds of golfers. 

Golf du Médoc near Bordeaux combines two of life’s finest pleasures: golf and wine. Located in the heart of wine country, this resort features two championship courses that are consistently ranked among Europe’s best. 

After a day on the greens, players can indulge in wine-tasting sessions, exploring the vineyards that produce some of the world’s most renowned wines. It’s an experience that appeals to golfers and wine enthusiasts alike, showcasing the best of French culture. 

Stay here: Cottage des Cedres | La Rhune | River Dovecote

Europe’s golf destinations are as varied as they are beautiful. Whether you’re seeking the warmth of Spain, the historic courses of Scotland, or the seaside challenges of Portugal, there’s a perfect golfing getaway waiting for you. 

Each destination not only offers exceptional golf but also the opportunity to explore Europe’s rich cultures, cuisines, and landscapes. It’ll never just be a golfing holiday when you’re in Europe—it’s loaded with unique food, smooth tasty drinks, and cultural experiences you’ll never forget or recreate. 

So, pack your clubs, book one of our luxury villas, and set off on a journey to discover the most picturesque golf destinations Europe has to offer. Happy golfing! 


What did you think of our selection of the top golf destinations in Europe? Check out all of our properties with golf nearby across the world and discover the full portfolio of Oliver’s Travels. Then, when you’ve chosen your ideal golfing holiday home, get in contact with our friendly concierge team who advise and help book any extras to make your getaway special. Anything from transport and housekeeping to private chefs and massage therapists!

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