If you’re looking for a self catering holiday with sun, surf and sand then you can’t go far wrong looking at Caribbean villas. Unlike England, where it’s currently raining with a slightly chilly north westerly wind in what should be the height of Summer, The Caribbean provides warm weather and a clear blue sky most of the year. But that’s the difference between the tropical and temperate zones I guess.

The Caribbean is home to some 7,000 islands and are home to even more Caribbean villas, many of which can be found on the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola and Jamaica. The islands of the Caribbean are known as the West Indies and the reason for this is as curious as it is comical. When Christopher Columbus discovered the islands in 1492 he assumed he’d reached the west of India and having no idea the Americas existed he named the islands The West Indies.

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Caribbean is the island of Jamaica. A former British colony which attracts an estimated 1.3 million visitors each year. The three main holiday hot spots are Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios and each have more than their fair share of Jamaica villas for rent.

Drambuie Estate - Jamaica

Drambuie Estate – Jamaica

Ocho Rios is located on the central north coast of the island and is one of many supposed places where Columbus first set foot ashore back in 1492. A popular spot for water sports including water skiing and scuba diving, Ocho Rios is another of Jamaica’s curios names meaning eight rivers, yet there are no such rivers in the area. Ocho Rios is also famed for for the stunning Dunn’s River Falls, from which the towns original Spanish name Las Chorreras (the waterfalls) was taken.

On the western tip of Jamaica is the popular resort of Negril. Served by the Sangster International airport at nearby Montego Bay, Negril is home to the infamous 7 mile beach, which is in fact around 4 miles long, but this controversy doesn’t stop the area from being a hotspot for Jamaica villas for rent as it is ideal for lone travellers, couples and families with plenty of amenities and things to do.

Next up is Montero Bay, equidistant between Negril and Ocho Rios on Jamaica’s north coast. This is the tourist capitol of Jamaica and is the second largest city on the island. It is also home to many of the most sought after Jamaica villas for rent. Montego Bay is commonly referred to as Mobay and is known as Jamaica’s ‘friendly city’ due to the warm and welcoming nature of the people. Out of all the Caribbean villas to choose from in the West Indies, you’ll find an unsurpassed level of beauty, luxury and friendliness in Montego Bay, but by all means, don’t let that stop you from exploring the rest of the island.

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