Although the UK is expensive compared to some countries around the world, it is still entirely possible to travel around Britain whilst keeping costs down. In fact, when it comes to cultural activities within the UK there are many ways to experience British culture for free.

London Museums

When it comes to cultural activities there is much to do in London absolutely free! There are many major museums in London which don’t cost a penny to enter! These include the National History Museum, V&A Museum, and the British Museum. This is just some of many that offer free entrance!

Free museums in other parts of Britain…

When it comes to cultural activities it is not only London that offers free entry to many museums. Glasgow’s Museum of Transport is one of Scotland’s most exiting museums that offers entry for free. It also provides a real glimpse into Scotland’s past through some historic modes of transport.

The National Museum of Cardiff in Wales is another museum you can gain entry to completely for free in the UK. It houses Wales’ national archaeology, art, geology, and natural history collections.

The Museum of Liverpool is also an interesting place to visit. It documents the history of the city, and is yet another fantastic cultural insight into the Britain’s past.


If you time your visit right you’ll find a lot of free festivals throughout the country for you to enjoy. For instance, the month long Edinburgh Fringe Festival which is held throughout the month of August is the biggest festival in the world! More importantly, there are many free shows you can attend every year in venues and out in the streets throughout the entire month!

Acts range from comedians to buskers or theatre groups. The key is to just turn up, pick up a programme, and then choose from the many hundreds of free shows to enjoy! Alternatively take a walk down Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and you’ll find many acts performing for free on the streets!

Music & Theatre

If you’re based in South Wales then check out the Wales Millennium Centre! It holds everything from West End musicals to ballet and modern dance. More importantly, free concerts are held daily in the foyer that are suitable for the entire family.

Free Art Galleries

If classics is your thing then be sure to visit the National Gallery in London to see Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. To view Picasso’s Weeping Woman head to the Tate Liverpool. For imposing portraits of King Henry VII go to London’s National Portrait Gallery.

To view some Modern Art there is no better place in Britain than the Tate Modern, a free modern art gallery housed within an old power station beside the River Thames.

For something a little bit more energetic and outgoing get yourself to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park! It is home to 500 acres of landscape and contains many open-air displays plus five stunning indoor galleries!

The UK may have a reputation as being one of the most expensive countries to travel in the world, but when it comes to experiencing local culture you’d be hard pressed to find somewhere that offers as much to do for free as we do!

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Photo Credit; Neil Rickards
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