Thursday, August 14, Day 5:

After a good hearty breakfast, Lord Peter led us on a walking tour of the Burren. Six of us (Francis, Caroline, Marie, Peter, Mauro and myself) started out from the Burren Museum in Kilfenora and followed a map—at least we think Peter was following a map—that took us through the Burren for about two and a half hours. The locals—cows, sheep and goats—did not seem to mind this mini-invasion of tourists, but a few wiry dogs were not so happy and scared the wits out of Marie and Caroline.  Again, not to worry. We all made it back to Kilfenora in one piece and enjoyed a small bite at the museum tea room. My husband and sister are not the hiking types, so they set out today to explore the high crosses of Kilfenora and castles in the Burren. They saw the Leamaneh Castle, Carron Church, and several high crosses. Sadly, Marie had to leave us Thursday to return to work in Dublin. This time the two Lords seemed to find their way to and from Ennis with no side trips.

Smiths Castle - Ireland - Large Holiday Homes - Oliver's Travels

Thursday evening, we treated ourselves to dinner at the renowned Roadford House Restaurant in Doolin, where we enjoyed a delicious, leisurely gourmet meal for a good three hours. We finished the evening at O’Connor’s Pub with live traditional Irish music and a pint or two. I could have listened all night. When we returned to the castle, it was pitch black. Other nights, we had returned home before 10pm and it was still light outside, given Ireland’s long days in the summer. Mauro, the brave Squire, may have finally concluded that night that the castle was truly haunted. Unlike other nights when he sprinted up the 50+ steps to his place of rest with no hesitation, he needed some backup to face this night. A brave Squire would never admit an ounce of fear, however, and this Squire is no different.  He request went as follows: “Mom, I think I have some dirty clothes in my room that you will want to wash, so would you please walk up to my room with me to get the clothes tonight?”

Smiths Castle - Ireland - Large Holiday Homes - Oliver's Travels

Stay tuned for day 6!

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