Lockdown came, and all of a sudden we’re not just parents – we’re teachers, exercise coaches, replacement school friends, nurse, and some of us are still working! Let’s be real here… we’re no CBBC presenter (those guys seem to have endless amounts of energy!). 

So, we reached out to five mummy bloggers to find out what their tips are for surviving the lockdown with kids. Grab a cup of tea, take a breather, and give it a read…

“Living in France, we went into lockdown a week before the UK and I can’t tell you that we’ve been homeschooling perfectly from day one but we have done bits. The main thing for me is to not cause any more stress in this situation and take it slowly. We do a short learning activity then take a 10 minute break before the next activity. The weather has been lovely so we have been practicing life skills too such as gardening and hanging the laundry out…”

Jenni Granger – Chilling with Lucas

“The best way to survive lockdown with your kids is to be kind to yourself. You’re only one person and wearing so many hats, whether it’s homeschooling, cooking, cleaning, or caring for your kids. With that in mind, keep activities to time frames to help make the days stay varied and entertaining. We’re doing a combination of homeschooling and sports and crafts each day, but never in the same order so the kids stay focused and don’t get bored. We also take breaks as if they would at school. School have these designed to give the kids breaks throughout the day, so we are doing the same. We get outside in our back garden at 10:30, 12:30 and 3:00 for at least 30 minutes – come rain or shine. They do it at school, why not at home? It also helps break up the day for everyone.”

Jenny – Lets Talk Mommy

“My top tip for surviving the lockdown with your children is relax and breathe… then breathe again, quite literally! I think the best way to start the day in this potentially stressful time is to do a bit of meditation together first thing in the morning. My family and I use the kids’ sessions on the Headspace app. Before we start with our home learning for the day, we also spend 10 minutes reflecting on the previous day and our top 3 moments through journalling. The older ones elaborate, and the little ones add in a drawing. It sets the mood for the day as we are grateful and appreciate the ‘little things’ like lunch in the sunshine, a fun Art session or a recipe we enjoyed cooking together.”

Mel – Le Coin de Mel 

“Don’t stress too much about trying to educate your children! It’s only natural that we’re concerned about what impact these lost weeks might have on our children and their education.  Of course we’re worried that they may fall behind. But, don’t forget everyone is going to end up being various stages of “behind” and as teachers, we will work very hard to catch everyone back up when normal life is resumed and we get back into our classrooms.  This is very much about keeping things ticking over rather than teaching new things – when it comes to English and Maths, there is a very real possibility that because things are often taught very differently to how we were taught as children, you could end up muddying the waters.  Making sure your children feel happy and safe is your priority right now.”

Colette B – Going On An Adventure

“Build in some structure, but not just on a daily basis. Make each day a bit different. If there’s school work to do, you could stick to the usual Monday to Friday routine, unless it suits you better to do something different (you have the flexibility at the moment after all so make the most of it). Each day though could have a highlight. It could be food related: Friday is pizza day or Wednesday is baking day. Or maybe you have a different walk for every day of the week. Perhaps Saturday night is family film night and Sunday afternoon is for book reading.”

Erica – Nine to Three Thirty 

Virtual ideas to keep the kids occupied

Have you got any tips, tricks or ideas you’ve been experimenting with during the lockdown? Let us know in the comments!

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