The Caribbean is known as one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, and its stunning sights extend to the landscape beneath the sea. Make your stay truly memorable by visiting the islands’ top snorkelling destinations, and choose from our range of luxury villas in the Caribbean for a relaxing home away from home after a long day exploring the ocean. Here are our top 5 places for the ideal Caribbean snorkeling holiday.

1. West Caicos Wall, Turks and Caicos

Beach -Turks & Caicos - Oliver's Travels

Beach -Turks & Caicos – Oliver’s Travels

Thermal waters meet the cooler ocean here, resulting in a beautiful array of marine life. Expect to see groupers, barracudas and brightly coloured sponges; you may even spy reef shark, eagle ray and hammerheads. We offer a number of beach-front Caribbean villas to rent on the Turks and Caicos islands, and this must-see vertical ocean wall is just a short boat ride away.

2. RMS Rhone Wreck, British Virgin Islands

British Virgin Island- Oliver's Travels

British Virgin Island- Oliver’s Travels

The Royal Mail Service ship, Rhone, sank during a hurricane in 1867 and its wreck still lies at the bottom of the ocean. The site has been declared an underwater national park, and provides an exciting spot for divers and snorkelers alike. The site is so spectacular áthat it was chosen as a filming location for the 1977 film The Deep.

3. Silver Bank, Dominican Republic

Snorkelling in Dominican Republic - Oliver's Travels

Snorkelling in Dominican Republic – Oliver’s Travels

Pick a villa in the Dominican Republic and take a short boat trip out to this wonderful snorkelling and dive site. The attraction? The North Atlantic humpback whales which gather here. The breath-taking mammals migrate to this spot to mate and calve, so you can catch a glimpse of playful youngsters with their protective mums.

4. Dawn Beach, St. Martin

St. Martin - Caribbean - Oliver's Travels

St. Martin – Caribbean – Oliver’s Travels

There’s no need to take a boat here, as it’s accessible from a quiet beach on the island of St. Martin. The reef runs parallel to the sand, allowing you to explore as close to the beach as you wish – ideal for those new to snorkelling.

5. Trunk Bay, St. John

St. John - Caribbean - Oliver's Travels

St. John – Caribbean – Oliver’s Travels

This is the best place to mix snorkelling with a relaxing day on the beach. One of the most picturesque spots on the island, Trunk Bay has a 650 foot snorkelling trail, just a short distance from the beach. A safe spot for snorkelling, it’s best to explore the trail early in the morning if you want to dodge the sun-worshipping crowds.

Check out our beautiful villas in the Caribbean and combine your snorkelling experience with a luxurious stay.  For any kind of questions we suggest you to contact our concierge team.


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