Not only is France renowned for its rich history and stunning art, but it has also garnered a reputation for producing some of the finest foods in the world. And if you love modern cuisine you’ll be thrilled to know that the French food scenery has experienced a revival in the last few years and experienced worldwide success led by famed chefs like Joel Robuchon who brings haute French cuisine to Las Vegas. Each region has its own list of famous delicacies, and we’ve compiled a check list of some of the must-visit French regions for any dedicated foodie.

1. Normandy

C16th Normandy Chateau - Normandy - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Normand – Normandy – Oliver’s Travels

Those looking at chateaux in Normandy can expect to find a glass of local cider or Calvados brandy gracing their table at some point during their stay, with this northern French province receiving critical acclaim for its apple orchards. As you might expect from a region with such a vast coastline, it’s also a great place to enjoy fine seafood – the mussels and oysters are a particular highlight.

Normandy is also home to the commune of Camembert, where the production of the cheese of the same name originated. If you’re a fan of this deliciously gooey cheese, one of the country’s most famous exports, be sure to visit the Cheese Museum at the centre of the village to sample the mouth-watering Livarot, Pont l’Evêque and Neufchatel varieties.

2. Provence

Chateau Villermaux - Provence-Alps - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Villermaux – Provence-Alps – Oliver’s Travels

Provence’s location on the French-Italian border has given its produce a distinctly Mediterranean flavour, setting it apart from many neighbouring regions. Fresh olives, aubergines, courgettes and tomatoes can all be found in abundance at the local markets, so it’s no surprise that Provence is the birthplace of ratatouille. On a sweeter note, the beautiful lavender landscapes of the region produce a delicious honey, which is collected in the autumn and often paired with almonds to create nougat – another Provençal speciality.

3. Paris

French Brasserie

The Capital of France is also the worldwide capital of food, you’ll be spoilt by all the delicatessens Paris and it’s surrounding has to offer, from the famed omelettes de Paris to the Flan à la parisienne

Paris has something for every pallet. And one could not think of any better surroundings and sights to enjoy this stunning food than the Parisian historic scenes.

4. Bordeaux

Chateau Petit, Aquitaine - Oliver's Travels

Chateau Petit, Aquitaine – Oliver’s Travels

Holidaymakers interested in our selection of Bordeaux chateaux will be spoilt for choice when it comes to this region’s local produce, which is full of rich and robust flavours. There’s a big emphasis on duck, with the traditional confit de canard served in many restaurants throughout the region, in addition to a number of locally-produced truffles and foie gras. No dish would be complete without a nice glass of red from the famous Bordeaux vineyards, and there’s no better way to round off a meal than with a warming glass of Cognac, distilled at the nearby historic town of the same name.

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