Whether you’re an oceanholic, sunshine aficionado or you’re gunning for adventure – summer is the season on everyone’s lips. And let’s face it, life is better in fit flops! We’ve got a sizzling selection of summer villas in Europe that’ll leave you sun-kissed and rejuvenated with a sprinkling of culture. We’ve gutwrenchingly chosen the best from the bunch and we’ve even dished out our top seasonal tips. 

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1. Sea View Villas, Crete


Sea View Villas – Crete – Oliver’s Travels

If a Grecian getaway tickles your fancy, feast your eyes on Sea View Villas. Up against the scorching Cretan sun, SPF 50 is a must – after all, who could resist the impeccably blue private pool. When in Greece, eat plenty and drink regrettable amounts of ouzo. Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to endure night upon night of cooking, we recommended having dinner at the Sunset Taverna – serving mouth-watering traditional Greek dishes.

Summer tip: It’s all to do with balance. Eat, drink and be merry, but make sure to balance the palette with some fruit and veg. The greeks have somehow perfected tomatoes, but if all else fails – a fruit platter for dessert will suffice.

Sleeps: 8

Prices from: £43pppn

2. Bastide Bellegarde, Languedoc


Bastide Bellegarde – Languedoc – Oliver’s Travels

Within a two-hour flight from London, lies the oasis that will guarantee your best summer yet. This country-esque villa in the South of France is simply magical. The private pool is a flawless accompaniment to the white wine grape Bourboulenc. Enjoy a bottle or two while you dine al fresco on the terrace, surrounded by impressive views of the neighbouring vineyards and sunflower fields. You can even keep the little ones entertained with a flower crown contest. We know you’ll cheekily get stuck in too.

Summer tip: See the medieval villages Languedoc has to offer, but don’t worry if your itinerary comes undone. Holidays are all about getting lost in new experiences, so if you happen to lose a few hours in the local market – it will be hours well spent.

Sleeps: 12

Prices from: £24pppn

3. Villa I Gigli, Tuscany


Villa I Gigli – Tuscany – Oliver’s Travels

Tuscany is as pretty as the pictures depict. And no villa will make your holiday more special than Villa I Gigli. More than the mod cons, this villa offers spontaneity. For example, you can learn to make authentic Tuscan dishes at the on-site classes – sounds pretty fabulous doesn’t it? Not that you needed any more persuading, but if you choose Villa I Gigli as your next holiday home, you’ll also receive a complimentary welcome dinner and a breakfast basket on arrival.

Summer tip: Rediscover the things you love to do, but no longer have time for. You might be a wordsmith, bibliophile or artist. Use your time away from home to fall in love with your craft again, and what better setting than Villa I Gigli.

Sleeps: 12

Prices from: £41pppn

4. Palmes D’Or, Cote d’Azur

Palmes d'Or - French Riviera - Oliver's Travels

Palmes d’Or – French Riviera – Oliver’s Travels

Located in Grasse, the perfume ‘capital’ of France, spend you summer holiday surrounded by rose, violet and jasmine fields. Better still, in your private gated area, you’ll find have a charming little fish pond, private pool and lush plant life!

Summer tip: Miramar Plage is the best oceanfront restaurant. Not only will you eat some of the freshest seafood around, but you’re also in the primal spot to catch the sunset. Though we want you to enjoy your villa, it’s equally important to travel authentically (that includes local eateries).

Sleeps: 6

Prices from: £41pppn

5. Moulin Du Pit, Dordogne


Moulin du Pit – Dordogne – Oliver’s Travels

Guests upon guests have had an unforgettable summer at Moulin Du Pit. As a result, they’ve come back time and time again. Though you’ll have total freedom, the owners love to share local information. Anything from the best wineries, to the best spots to canoe on the lake nearby. With the Dordogne at your doorstep, there is plenty for all interests to explore. But the moments you’ll best remember are the ping-pong wars between family members, the laughter coming from the pool and the home away from home feel. And if you’re bringing younger kids, you can exhale a sigh of relief knowing the pool area is enclosed.  

Summer tip: Life is about those little micro-moments that bring us happiness. So swap your Facebook scrolling for headspace. Leave the phone in your bedroom and make the most of Moulin du Pit.

Sleeps: 12

Prices from: £18pppn

6. Villa Ferragudo, Lagoa


Villa Ferragudo – Lagoa -Oliver’s Travels

Lap up the summer like a royal! Sound up your street? That and more awaits at Villa Ferragudo. The holiday home once housed a royal princess and though it still belongs to the Portuguese Royal family – it’s yours for the taking. A summer here is great for larger families and friends as the villa can sleep up to a whopping 19 guests. As a waterfront villa, you’ll only be a few minutes from the beach. Curl your toes beneath the sand, embrace the waves and once you’re beached out, come back to the villa and spend the evening by the pool area. 

Summer tip: The Portuguese heat is a scorcher, which is why it’s so important to stay hydrated on holiday. It will help you combat holiday tiredness and it will keep your skin from drying out too. It’s a win-win! But if you’re a little bored of drinking water, add some fresh fruits to infuse the flavours.

Sleeps: 10-19

Prices from: £23pppn

7. Les Mas de Saint Paul, Cote d’Azur


Le Mas de Saint Paul – Cote d’Azur – Oliver’s Travels

Is the French Riviera calling your name? Take a look at the snazzy Mas de Saint Paul for your next summer getaway. You’ll be torn between staying inside or seeing the neighbouring sights. Of course, you can have both, but what will you do first? We recommend visiting the famous Fondation Maeght Museum which is just a 10-minute walk away. After a spot of lunch nearby, stroll back to your villa for an afternoon of tennis, boules, swimming or lazing about on one of the terraces.

Summer tip: 9 out of 10 people are more than likely to bring a pair of sunnies on holiday. But that doesn’t mean you’re eyes are protected. You need to make sure your sunglasses protect you from UV rays. Here are a few eye protection myth busters you need in your life!

Sleeps: 14

Prices from: £34pppn

8. Villa Sancia, Lake Como


Villa Sancia – Italian Lakes – Oliver’s Travels

Lake Como is a heavenly destination for your summer holiday, oozing showbiz appeal. If you’re a movie buff, you’ll be best pleased. Recreate that scene in Casino Royale and whip out the binoculars for celeb sightings – Mr Clooney himself owns a villa on its shores. Well, if it’s good enough for Clooney… And there’s no better abode than Villa Sancia which deserves all the admiration it gets. I mean, just look at those views.

Summer tip: We wouldn’t blame you for wanting to spend every waking minute in the seductive jacuzzi. But don’t forget the importance of shade, especially during peak sun hours. Getting a few hours away from the heat will help avoid nasty sunburns – you’ll thank us for it. 

Sleeps: 8-10

Prices from: £132pppn

9. Villa Sunset, Dalmatia 


Villa Sunset – Dalmatia – Oliver’s Travels

Who wouldn’t fancy spending their summer plunging into the deep blue waters of Villa Sunset? Found within the small village of Bilice, you’ll have everything at arm’s length. Perfect for families, couples and friends – this villa strikes the perfect balance of privacy with inclusivity. Early risers can grab a lounger by the pool, the teens can enjoy a lie in and together you can enjoy the cosy dining area that will be the host for many memories.

Summer tip: We’re all up for indulging on holiday, but there’s no excuse not to stay active. Whether that’s laps in the pool, morning yoga or YouTube videos to help burn those excess calories. At least you can enjoy the sweet treats, minus the guilt. 

Sleeps: 8

Prices from: £25pppn

10. Villa Almond, Mallorca 


Villa Almond – Mallorca – Oliver’s Travels

Our guests can’t help but fall in love with this colourful haven. Not far from local villages and beaches, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy. The castle at the top of the hill can also be seen and walks through the countryside among olive and almond trees are recommended. You’ll spend the majority of your time on the large terrace, perfect for fresh lunches or meaty barbecues. You’ll also be close by to the inviting pool, surrounded by sun loungers – so make sure to top up that Spanish glow.

Summer tip: Did you know, olive oil can protect against UV damage? In fact, the fatty acids in the oil help the skin stay supple. If you can sneak in a tablespoon daily, it will help keep your skin in tip-top condition.

Sleeps: 10

Prices from: £17pppn

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